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I am not sure where to post this, but I am wondering if anyone knows the answer to this. Can a woman get a positive pregnancy test from the placenta capsules she is taking? Is there any HcG in the placenta capsules that would trigger a false positive??
My brain is working really hard to compute this! I just have never met anyone who said that having twins was not hard. Having baby twins was the hardest thing I have ever done and I nearly lost my mind. We had a great homebirth at 40 weeks, they never got sick, never had nursing problems, no problems, other than having TWO babies. I think I have blocked out certain parts of that time.
Quote: Originally Posted by juju's mom Oh my Goodness these comments are annoying. I was talking to someone about my b-g twins and this person asked me if they were fertile or siamese. I think she was trying to ask if they were fraternal or identical. That is hilarious!! : I've never heard that one before. I think one of the worst comments I've gotten was from an older lady. I was pushing my twins in the double stroller, wearing my new...
I my MBUD! It is just so easy to manuever and it fits through doors. I can easily push it one-handed with my left hand (I'm right-handed) in and out of doors while wearing a newborn, holding a coffee and chasing a toddler. : I need something that is super easy to push. And it can go anywhere-on gravel, grass, over curbs, etc. It is the ultimate stoller IMO.
I'm not nursing more than 2 toddlers but I'm nursing 2 toddlers and one newborn. Soooo much easier than nursing 2 newborns and one toddler.
I had a great homebirth with midwives with my twins. If I were to have twins again, I would want it to be more hands-off but I wouldn't UC. I considered a UC with my most recent pregnancy but in the end I decided I just really love my midwife and her presence positively affects my birth experiece.
Quote: Originally Posted by Unoppressed MAMA Q Absolutely! So much could go right... Wow, that is a really scary attitude to have with twins. So much COULD go right, but so much COULD go wrong. I totally believe in the importance of having a good attitude (I had a successful homebirth with my twins at 40 weeks 1 day) but your statement just seems so oversimplified.
No, I really don't think I would. I had a great midwife attended homebirth with my twins. I don't really understand the baby A plowing the way comment. What does that mean? My baby B was about 1.5 lbs bigger than my baby A. And it is true that baby B's do have a good chance of turning, but it is not always guaranteed, and many times they do turn transverse (mine did).
We didn't find out the sex of our twins and I loved it!
I've had people say to me they don't like the word "intact" because it makes it sound like circumcised boys are not whole and are missing something.
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