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Quote: Originally Posted by kennedy444 Why did they sign it Josh and Anna (Keller) Duggar. It looks like they are already married. Shouldn't it be: Josh Duggar and Anna Keller Some people believe an engagement is just as binding as marriage. In the Bible days, a broken engagement was considered divorce. So even though they will wait til their wedding day to have sex and move in together, etc. they may already consider themselves married....
I think Ron Low is great and he is doing a wonderful thing getting the word out about restoration and the truth about circumcision.
I had spontaneous boy/girl twins and they do run distantly in my family. I have actually never been asked IRL if my twins were "natural" or not but I do get the "do they run in your family" question alot.
Oh, just wait! This thread may come back to haunt you. 14 weeks 22 weeks 40 weeks (and 52 cm)
Quote: Originally Posted by robertandenith That's how we did it! We didn't use a clamp though, we used a very thick dental floss like material. His stump fell off 3 days later Yeah, that is actually what we used, too. So I guess we tied the cord.
We waited an hour to clamp the cord, well after the placenta was delivered and until the cord was totally empty.
I don't think it will ever become illegal, but I do believe it will become so rare one day that it is almost unheard of. I am hoping that when my grandchildren start having their babies, they will be shocked to hear what Americans used to do to baby boys.
I've been following your story and I am so happy to hear your update. I am praying for him. I just had a baby Benji 2 weeks ago.
I love Weleda baby cream and I used that on the dry creases in his wrists, ankles and thighs. Weleda smells like newborns to me since I used it last time, too. Funny how smells do that.
I had a homebirth and I got a shot of pit after I delivered the placentas.
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