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Congratulations! : The slideshow was beautiful. You had quite a crowd there cheering you on.
I am so, so sorry, mama! I wish you and your whole family healing.
I went to 40 weeks 1 day. I just tried to plan something fun or special each day to take my mind off the fact that I was still pregnant. The day I went into labor dh and I went to a movie (can you imagine the looks I got? ) then came home and I ordered some Chinese food. Just indulge yourself! You really, truly are almost there. : Oh and just prepare yourself for whatever your VE tells you. I was ONE cm dilated at 40 weeks and I went on to have an 18 hour labor.
How sweet! She seems more like a normal twin mom, compared to J-Lo's ridiculous postpartum pictures.
You look great! I had my twins in December so I really feel for the Summer mamas.
Baby boy Due: August 1st Born: July 29th Weight: 8 lbs 12 oz, 19 inches long Born at home after a 5 hour labor
I had my baby boy on July 29th, 3 days before my due date! : Baby Benjamin was born gently at home after a 5 hour labor and weighed 8 lbs 12 oz. I am just enjoying my babymoon and my wonderful husband has been serving me food and whatever I need so I can stay in bed. We've also had help from family watching the older kids so I am just able to relax and enjoy my new baby boy. My only complaint is engorgement. Not fun! 2 days old
You're almost there, Sarah! : I went to 40 weeks 1 day. I know it's hard not to get impatient but it will be very soon.
I didn't give up anything because I have never worked since we've been married. I feel like I would be giving up too much to name if I had to work and leave my kids during the day.
No vitamin K for us. It's not necessary.
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