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Nope. Didn't pack one last time, either.
I get those all the time. It feels like the baby is jumping on my cervix.
Quote: Originally Posted by thankfulblessedmom I definitely remember feeling that with my 1st pregnancy, but so far I haven't felt that. Maybe next week I will though, I wouldn't be surprised! But I'm only at 36 weeks. Definitely sick of it, but also feel like I need to make more preparations for home birth. I want to feel more settled in first, I think. Still nesting, I guess. How are you only 36 weeks if you are due on the 8th? I am due...
Well it doesn't help that ALL my friends recently who've had babies went over-several of them by 2 weeks or more. I have always wanted a big, fat baby, though, so I just keep telling myself if I have to go over, at least I'll get a big baby.
I am 39 weeks 1 day and SO over being pregnant. Anyday now, baby! But I get the feeling the baby is quite happy in there. :
I am due August 1st, shouldn't I get to be the first one to have my baby? I am jealous of all these mamas having their babies already!
Congratulations! : I'm jealous.
I am just doing a smoothie. It seems like the quickest and easiest way to get it down. I have my frozen strawberries, bananas and OJ all ready.
Quote: Originally Posted by Intertwined That was just weeks before a woman commented on my news that it was twins with "I'm so sorry, that must suck since you have so many little ones". Who SAYS that to a pregnant woman!??!
Oh, yes. He has been super helpful. Everyday I make a list of things I want done and he does them. He also takes the kids shopping or to the park or to the inlaws to give me a break. We are having a homebirth so I want the house perfect every night before we go to bed, just in case, so it's been alot of work. Plus my nesting is in overdrive so I keep coming up with projects for him to do like clean the garage, weed the flowerbed, build a duck pen, etc.
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