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Congratulations! One of my twins was 6 lbs 10 oz at 40 weeks, so you made some big babies.
Your dd is about the same age as my son and we are just starting kindergarten. I have 2.5 year old twins and they LOVE doing "homeschool." They sit at the table with us and sometimes they have a pad of paper and markers and crayons. But their favorite thing is their little preschool activities. Even my 5 year old loves them and asks to do them for school. I got them here: http://www.mfwbooks.com/toddler.htm but I'm sure you could pick out your own stuff for them.
I had to take mine off months ago.
I've just been told it softens the cervix but it won't start labor.
Quote: Originally Posted by *Erin* i make dh do them most of the time! i hate dishes! :
Cute! I always ask my 5 year old to go smell his 2 year old siblings' bottom and tell me if they pooped.
We had these for our twins and we LOVED them. They are So cute. http://www.kee-ka.com/T5PP-p-baby_or...dysuit_giftset They didn't come in organic when my twins were born but now they do.
Oh, oh! I want to go into labor tonight!! I'll be 38 weeks. Come on, full moon, make something happen. :
Yikes! That is alot of people in one apartment. I wouldn't mind having my baby today but I'm 38 weeks.
Quote: Originally Posted by Shuli I think speech development depends on the child and the circumstances of the family. My sister didn't talk at all until she was 2 because she would look at me and I would tell people what she wanted. One day when I wasn't home my sister wanted something and came out in full sentences. So you never know. That's cute.
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