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We call it a vulva but it is very difficult for me. I cringe everytime I say it, but I don't want my daughter growing up with a weird complex like me, so I make myself say it. She says it very casually. It embarrasses dh, though. The other day she walked up to dh and was like "Daddy, my vulva hurts." He turned red and told her to talk to Mommy. Growing up, my mom called it a "tushie." One time at school one of the teachers said "You don't have a jacket? You're...
Quote: Originally Posted by AmyC I read today that the "skips a generation" thing is more appearance than actual fact. Say the grandmother had the gene for hyper ovulation (if that's what it's called...) and passed it along to her sons. They have it (to pass along) but they don't ovulate, so....they don't have twins, obviously. But both have daughters and those girls end up eventually having twins. It looks like it "skipped" a generation, but it...
I wonder this, too. My great-grandmother had twins and then there were none until mine. I am not sure if it skips a generation or not, because my grandmother had 2 boys. But I did have twins next so maybe it is true somehow? Obviously I am too lazy too Google it, too.
My twins started talking WAY earlier than my singleton did. Especially my little girl! I think it just depends on the child, personally.
I used to years ago but I don't anymore. Not sure why. I guess because I don't wear any nice clothes around the house, so I really don't care if they get dirty. If I had nicer clothes then I would probably wear one. They make some really cute ones now!
I do all the laundry, so that includes dh's work clothes. I don't iron, though. We both hate ironing, so we just don't do it. He works from home now so I make lunch for the whole family and he comes up and joins us, but when he used to go to the office I never packed him a lunch.
I nursed all through my twin pregnany and carried them to 40 weeks 1 day. I am still nursing them and pregnant again. For me nursing through pregnancy is PAINFUL. SO, SO PAINFUL. But as soon as the baby comes and my milk is in, things are fine. The search engine is disabled right now, but there have been a ton of threads just like this. I think I have answered this exact question at least 5 different times.
#2 and #3
Any updates, QoC?
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