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I just wanted to thank everyone for their advice. Although there are supply issues among other problems and nursing in general has been extremely difficult, I think about giving up almost daily... but the co-sleeping is great! That is the only time nursing goes well actually, so again thank you!
I am breastfeeding my 12 wk old & he hasn't had a poopy diaper for36 hrs should I be concerned?
I think this is a fantastic thing! After I had a difficult labor, I needed to be transferred to the hospital for a C-sec. There were complications do to the surgery and I needed to get a CAT scan, which meant iodine in my system. I was not able to bf my lo for the first 2 days of his life! Luckily my sister-in-law was in town for his birth and still bfing her 1 yr old. She stayed with me in the hospital and bf him (straight from the source) until I was able to. The...
My 11 week old is not gaining enough weight so I have decided to start co-sleeping w/ unrestricted nursing in order to get in more feedings. This may be a silly question but I am not really sure how to. I mean I get the sleeping part but how does the nursing work. I cannot seem to find any good information on the internet. Does anyone have any advice or know of any good websites or books on the subject?
Oh my goodness, everyone has such adorable babies!! Thanks for sharing. Here is my little one at almost 11 weeks (if I do this link thing right?) http://noahtristancolewhite.shutterfly.com/30
I am here! I was suppose to go back to work this week but instead we decided to move across the country (in 2 weeks) so that I can try being a stay at home mom! I am so excited now I won't have to miss all the new things Noah discovers each day!!
I have been having a difficult time with breastfeeding the past two weeks (lower supply/fussy baby) and this preview just remotivated me to not give up it it is what my baby needs afterall!
WONDERFUL!!! I am so excited I can't wait. I FBed it as well!
Noah rolls from belly to back and from back to side, he hasn't figured out how to go all the way yet. He too kicks and punches like crazy. He will be 11 weeks tomorrow.
Thank you! I will go there.
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