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Oh Amy. I am so sorry. I hope you get some answers soon.
Need to check out mobile .... WCM--Your presence has been requested in our FB group. Message anyone with your profile link if you want to be added!
Ugh! Mastitis! I do not envy that. My laptop is on the Fritz...and it is so hard to type quickly on my Kindle. Plus H is starting to fuss. Things are good. H is starting to get over her car hatred do ghat makes life a lot less stressful. Really, not much to report. We have been absorbed in dealing with the impending death of my friend for whose baby I am pumping. That is taking a lot of energy within my circle. It is hard and horribly sad. I just had to tell DD1 today....
I am generally at a healthy weight at the beginning of my pregnancies, and I have lost weight with each one without morning sickness. As much as 10% of my body weight!! Definitely eat as much as is palatable and try to eat protein and good fats. 
I have found Pilates to be great for tummy toning. But the skin either will get better or it won't. Workouts don't repair overstretched skin, sadly.     I haven't been on a scale in a while, but i need to schedule my post-partum check. So I will be next week sometime. Yay. I'm looking forward to getting the all-clear, but I have NO idea when I would work out. Too much juggling...  There is a mom/baby yoga class, but I have 2 other kids home during that timeframe.
Thanks for the reviews!  I am seriously considering the Melina T-shirt based on your feedback. We're about the same size, and i've never found a nursing bra I love. And I'm nursing my 4th!
  I completely agree.   Also, I have three times now had littles with a newborn (18 months, 32 months and 24 months). Yes, the first few weeks are difficult. Yes, you have to prioritize the baby's needs above the toddlers. Yes, IT HURTS. It hurts you, and it hurts them. But it really is a blip on the radar, such a short time in their lives. You will find a routine that works, and soon DC1 will adjust. It's a New Normal. One thing that helps--even if they don't understand...
I swaddle from armpits down in a muslin blanket like the A&A ones. H sucks her hands, so I want them out and so does she :)  We do retain the swaddle when bedsharing.
I'm no help with nursing in a carrier because I've never gotten good at it. But with the above issue, you need to be sure that you have enough of a pocket that his bottom is sitting down IN the sling, supporting his weight. The rail doesn't have to be that tight if he is in a good seated position since it only needs to be tightened enough to keep the fabric up behind his knees. If his knees are above his bottom, that is. Hope that helps :)    onesies and longies--I'm...
Oh, gotcha. Callie (Calliope) Torres is the ortho attending on Grey's. She's a current character on the show. Or at least thru most of Season 8, as I am watching it on Netflix and haven't made it through the end of that season yet ;)    I DO like the suggestion of Matilda for you as well, nn Tillie? My DD has a friend named Matilda, and she is just a DARLING little girl.  Adaline, Calliope and Matilda/Ada, Callie and Tillie...
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