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Recently I learned, from a yet-unpublished study, that women that had their spouse present during birth were much more likely to choose pharmacological methods of pain relief.   I pose these two questions to you, empowered birthing women: 1) Why is there such a correlation? 2) What can we women do to better prepare our partners?   My theory is that birth partners, no matter how prepared, break down when seeing the woman they love in labor.  Maybe they...
I took your survey, but my results will skew your estimate. I am a full-time graduate student and took no leave (though I was allowed 6 weeks by graduate student union contract). Special circumstances were created to help me maintain my TA position and continue attending classes. I will be happy to talk more about this by PM. :-)
First day of classes here (we're on the quarter system). So far, I'm pretty excited about this quarter --- I have paper deadlines for research I haven't done yet! Right now, it's motivating... but in a few months, when I watch the deadlines slide by one by one with no submission from my end, it will be less so.
I've had mold in the yellow parts, behind the white membrane. I soaked the parts in 3% bleach-to-water solution, then rinsed like mad, then boiled, then laid out in the sun to dry. Good luck!
Quote: Originally Posted by kate3 If nursing or medicine is not your field, I would find someone in either of those professions to look at your work, even if you need to contact someone outside of your university. Aha! That is exactly the reason I started this thread --- to find mamas that can help me out. Thanks for all of your advice. I think I may have found such a mama through PMs. :-)
Thanks, Kate. Unfortunately, none of these journals are within my primary, secondary, or even tertiary line of research, so I am largely unfamiliar with even which journals exist and what options there are for a student author with limited experience. You are right, I need to spend some time researching each journal and finding the right hierarchy for my contribution (that is, submit to journal A, and upon rejection, try journal B, etc.). However, with the limited...
Are you an academic, that has published in any of these kinds of journals, and could give me some advice? Journal of Advanced Nursing Birth Midwifery Obstetrics & Gynecology Journal of Obstetric, Gynecologic, & Neonatal Nursing etc. I've written a paper more in this area, but I'm in a much more technical field. What I need is some proof reading (in terms of what's expected in a paper in this field) and advice on where and how to submit. Please send a PM if...
Funny you ask -- I just researched these numbers. I'm in grad school in a male-dominated field. Our school as a whole is 59% women, but my program is 16% (both graduate and undergraduate). In the graduate program, we are 26% women (campus average is 52%). Maybe that's more than you wanted to know. The answer is --- there are more men than women, but I have found it's an environment of equality and support.
Wikipedia has a nice article comparing reference managers.
I have a friend that swears by an online tool --- I think it's CiteULike. Me? I still put everything into my BibTeX in plain text.
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