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I nurse him to sleep. I always nursed him for his naps too. But now my son (14 months) just won't nap. Today he spent 2 hours walking between "his" room (with a futon on the floor where we both sleep) and the living room. He'd say, in his baby language, "sleep! sleep!," run into his room, lie down on his back, smiling, and then about a minute later get up and come back on to play. Why won't he sleep? His babysitter walks him to sleep. She walks and whispers a song...
My body is a riddle! Sometimes I have cramps all day and all night, and I have light spotting... and then nothing. What is going on? My son is 14 months old, and I haven't had a period yet. I've had an IUD for almost a year, and I know that it contributes to some occasional uterine cramping, off and on, unpredictably. And I know that 14 months is the average time to return to fertility for breastfeeding mommas that haven't night-weaned, which I am. But these...
Quote: Originally Posted by Beauchamp Well, today my LO crawled off the bed. It's a 5" box spring and a 9" mattress so not TOO far of a drop, but still... I guess we are going to put the 4th side back on her crib. I had a pillow wall + the monitor on loudly, and I still didn't hear her. On the other hand, she probably learned something! :-)
I'm 5'6" and 100lbs and use the Ergo for back-carries daily. My son is 14 months and around 25lbs. It took a while to realize that I don't need the waist strap to be very tight at all. Maybe you could try loosening the strap. What happens if you wear the Ergo over a thick sweater?
When you're away, your baby will surprise you. Babies know that their other caretakers aren't their mother, and will act differently. I always nurse my son to sleep, but his babysitter walks him to sleep while stroking his forehead. My son's grandma has him fall asleep in a stroller, and his other grandma claims he just conks out on his own, without fussing, while everyone is watching tennis on TV. So -- don't worry. Your husband and mom will find ways to soothe your...
Sidecar crib? Push the crib up against the bed, removing or lowering the bed-side rail. http://home.comcast.net/~markandange...bsidecarst.jpg
We have nights (not all, but some) like this. My son is 14 months. Usually, when I can't get him down once, I let him get up and try putting him down again every 30 minutes or so. Meanwhile, I will do dishes or clean up the living room, or put on a movie or show, like Project Runway, sit on the couch, and watch it. My son wanders around and plays with his toys and winds down... and I get to sit on my butt for the first time all day too. Every 30 minutes I'll try...
Quote: Originally Posted by Adallae fireHC11 - Can I ask how old your LO was when he could lower himself off the bed? I would love to teach DD to do this, but I'm not sure she's old enough to get it (she'll be 10 months this weekend). I'll try the noisy toys, too - thank you! Hmmm. He did it a few times when he was about 11 months old, but he hasn't done it since we moved him to the futon on the floor. I guess he forgot how.
I put my crawling son in the sidecar crib even after he was crawling. He crawled off the bed once or twice but I figured he'd learn eventually. And he did: the third time, he lowered himself carefully down, legs first. I also put noisy jangly toys in the crib. When he woke up, he'd go for those first, and I could hear him right away. Now that he's a walker we sleep on a futon on the floor.
I've bought new Glamourmom tanks in fun colors (stripes!) off Ebay for around $15 including shipping.
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