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We have a sidecar crib (one of the sides removed). DS (10mo) doesn't sleep in it, but I like knowing it's there. Sometimes we use it as overflow for my libs, or when DS sleep-crawls he ends up there. The other side of the bed is against the wall. I use pool noodles to fill any gaps between the bed & wall, or the crib mattress & crib edge.
Have you tried putting your baby to sleep on his side? It's safer than the tummy (as far as SIDS statistics).
DS (10mo) sleep-crawls too. I think he's just hungry and looking for me, so I nurse him back to sleep. A handful of times, it has worked to just lay my hand on his back and he falls asleep again.
Quote: Originally Posted by diaperqueen I think it's kinda funny that you were upset that she showed up sick without a heads-up, but you didn't give her one that your ds was sick either. Just saying. Well, to be fair, when I hired her I asked if she's OK working when DS is sick. She said it was fine. When she came over, I told her, "DS has a runny nose. Are you OK working with him?" and she said, "Sure, no problem." I told her as soon as...
You guys are right, I'm totally overreacting. Sorry, I just let the moment run away with me. I may address the sore, I may not. We'll see if it's still an issue when the babysitter comes back this week. Thanks, everyone!
Looks like we have it too (10mo). Should we be seeing a doctor, or will it clear up on its own (given that he can breathe and stuff)?
Update! DS had a fever for 3 days. He seemed to be getting better but today his voice got hoarse and by night his few, infrequent coughs sounded like sea lions barking. Classic symptoms of croup. He nurses all the time during the day and won't let me put him down. It's like having a four-week-old with the energy of a ten-month-old. What's more, after DS got sick, DH came down with the same symptoms, followed by our baby-friend (2 months) and his parents, and...
Just an update... DS had a fever of over 100 last night, and DH is coming down with the same thing today too. He has DS's symptoms from 2 days ago. We've cancelled our Thanksgiving plans and are staying home. The more I think about it, the more the cold sore thing really, really gets to me. Honestly, right now, it's hard to be objective and not get angry. Luckily DS is a real sport about the whole thing. Even with a fever and with his nose totally stuffed up he's...
Our cat costs about $9/month in food. She goes outside, so litter costs are minimal. Estimate maybe $40/year in flea treatment. Right before we had our baby, though, she got very sick and cost around $1200.
My DS (10 months) is sick today. When the sitter came this morning, I told her that DS had a snotty nose and she said, "That's funny, I do, too." I asked if she felt sick or had a fever, and she said no, but she was certainly planning on taking a nap in the afternoon. So, not thinking anything of it, I left them together and went to work for the 3 hours she stays. Later it dawned on me that yesterday, when DS's nose was starting to get goopy, she said she also had a...
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