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This is pretty old now, but we are in Torrance and got to MB to see Dr.Baars. She is awesome and not pushy. She would still prefer the children be vaccinated, but does not harp on it at all. Also, Dr. Kaemmerer in Palos Verdes is supposed to be great as well.
We used and plan to use again, the Gemini.  I love it especially for nursing.  Before I purchased I borrowed the Butterfly from a friend, while I loved it and still think it is probably a lot easier to back carry with the insert, I found it diffuclt to breastfeed in.  I liked that the Gemini had no barrier between DD and I.  Having said that, my friend still nurses her 14 month old in the Butterfly and has no issues with it.  She did say however it was more difficult at...
I think if you are worried about potential issues that can be detected early, it would be the right thing to do to get one.  It may stress you out more not to.  There is nothing wrong, in my opinion, with taking an educated risk either way.  Do what you think will make your pregnancy the most stress free.  Plenty of people get many ultrasounds throughout their pregnancies and see no adverse reactions or issues.  I am 100% alright with my choice not to have one for all of...
We aren't having one this time unless the midwife thinks it is necessary. Last time we had a conservative ultsound schedule, but still had 3 (including one of the 4D kind).  We did the 20 week last time and I get why many people feel it is a must, I did at the time.  It took a long time though (about 20 minutes) and I just think that is way too long to have that wand on my belly.    We don't have any major issues with them and realize in many cases they are needed as...
-Sorry, computer went a little wild!  Anyway, you will gain some great support and info here.
sorry - double post.
  We bought a kit online and I don't rember everything that had in it (gloves, pads, squeeze bottle and other stuff In really don't remember :))   Here's the stuff that wasn't included in the kit:   many towels (I bled more than I thought so we had to use some of our home towels) a plastic shower curtain (most kits have a plastic cover, but my midwife said this works way better) old sheets you don't mind getting ruined tea tree oil lavender oil pads...
YAY!  Congratulations!    
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