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I'm guessing your closest options would be either The Farm in TN or Atlanta Medical Center and the midwives from Intown Midwifery in Atlanta. Alabama doesn't have a ton of birth options, unfortunately. Actually, maybe there is a hospital in Montgomery or Huntsville that's started doing waterbirths??
The ICAN of Atlanta message board has provider reviews for Atlanta and the surrounding areas.
There are several HB midwives who will travel to Covington. Natalie Whitworth, CNM at Southeastern Midifery, is located in Covington, IIRC. Join the ICAN of Atlanta message board for specific provider reviews.
You should join the Georgia Birth Network if you haven't already!
ICAN of Atlanta's message board has some info on providers in Augusta.
David Bergman in Alpharetta Jeffrey Abrams in Norcross Possibly Margaret Boudreaux in Cumming
Okay - I have another lead. There is a HB midwife in Naples who quietly attends HBACs. She uses an OB out of Miami who will grant approval and sign-off on her clients.
Honestly, I'm not sure. I grew up in the area, but no longer live there. The only VBACs I'm aware of are happening w/ Dr. K at Cape Coral Hospital. Sorry I can't offer more help.
Bit of a drive from Naples, but Dr. George Kovacevic supports VBACs out of Cape Coral.
There are 2 chapters of Holistic Moms Network here in town. One meets OTP at Harry's in Roswell, the other at the Solarium in Decatur. Both have Facebook pages. Also, several chiropractors host monthly Pathways meetings in their offices.
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