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Fembot- for me, if it makes you feel any better, sex went completely back to awesome pretty much the second I gave birth. That plus the connection I got with my husband during labor made us wait like a week each time before having sex. :-P And my husband said he can't tell a difference in how it feels at all post-baby, so I wouldn't worry about stretching and stuff. I've officially gotten to the point where I feel completely 100% un-sexy. Ugh! I thought I had a little...
My hubby had his done Friday too. We were all into the idea of the no-scalpel, but my husband's doctor said the same thing about not a big difference. DH didn't really like the numbing part, but other than that it's been smooth sailing. No pain (tiny bit of discomfort is all) and he's doing grand. I totally agree that it's been hard to really have him stay off his feet. I want him to go get me stuff and help deal with the kids! Today was the last day of that though, so...
I wish I could smuggle you in a nice little puppy from this breeder I love. :-(
Super cute and love your shirt! Stripes are awesome. Also love your signature. :-)
That's why I started off slow. Just a scarf of all knits. Then I added purls. So on and so on. I don't think I even looked at a pattern until is done 3-4 projects. Even now I add new things one at a time.
That's such a great way to put it! We had our ultrasound yesterday and all is well other than the placenta being a bit low (she said it was 2.7 centimeters away from my cervix I think). I'm not worried about that though. And it was a girl learning with the main girl watching. The new girl took me so seriously about not wanting to know the sex that she didn't even document it. My husband told me she got in a bit of trouble with the other girl over it while I was in the...
I so, SO get it. *hugs* I don't have as many kids, but I get those same feelings. Especially about how he can just get up and do what he wants without thinking of all these little people. And they just don't get it.
End version of those capris I was knitting. Kind of sad to give them away. Oh well, money is good to have.  
Let me know when you've written it up. It may make me try my hand at color work. :-)
It honestly could be completely different for all I know. In my mom's case she had a bunch of ovarian cysts that were causing her a lot of pain so her whole uterus had to go. Honestly though, knowing the anatomy, I can't see how they would do a tubal without making a separate incision.
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