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I have done what was asked in order to enter the give away. My family has recently started the Oak Meadow curriculum and we've fallen head over heels for it! We would love love love to win another year's worth of lovely Oak Meadow.
Hi, honorarydoula! It's refreshing to see that someone else is concerned about this. Will you please clarify what a self-thyroid test is? I'd be interested to know.
Hey, thanks, phathui5! I see that you are from Oregon and was hoping you'd respond :) I've looked at the direct entry midwife licensing board under Oregon.gov, but can't seem to find a clear explanation of the new licensing requirements. Is there a better place to find the details of Oregon's new midwifery laws? Thanks!
Hi, All! I'm just beginning my birth work path and pondering which direction to go. Via Vita looks very doable for my family situation and me. It's also affordable. My biggest questions are regarding the new midwifery laws recently passed in Oregon. I understand that not only is the license expensive ($1200 per year), but that it's required that midwives carry insurance which may cost around $15,000 per year for homebirth coverage. For those living in very rural areas,...
The radiation that's been leaking into the ocean from Fukushima is expected to reach the western U.S. soon. Just wondering if anyone else is finding credible research regarding the potential effects this may have on the populations living there. It would be great to see what else has been found.
Hi! Did you find your homebirth midwife? There is one in Brookings and she's fabulous. Let me know and I'll see what I can do to help you connect with her. Congrats on your pregnancy!
Shared on Facebook with all of my homeschooling friends!
Lovely blog. I'd enjoy reading about homeschooling opportunities with Pre-K through First Graders. Also, learning from nature posts and ways to incorporate classic literature into the homeschooling experience would be fun. Thanks for the opportunity!
Oh yes. I was big. Measured 3 to 5 cm bigger every prenatal. At 42 weeks, when my girls were born, I measured 57 cm!. People thought I was bigger than the average pregnant woman, but I didn't think much of it. Thought maybe I just forgot how big I get when I'm growing a baby. Ha ha!
Hi, phathui5! I see that you are an apprentice midwife and doula. Are you interested in pursuing a CPM or CNM certification? Feel free to message me for more information if so. I'd be interested to hear from you. Thanks!
New Posts  All Forums: