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It seems like the number one tip is always " a place for everything and everything in it's place". I feel like this is good in theory, but the thought of having everything contained in a labeled container is overwhelming. I saw a vacation home and literally everything was boxed and labeled, but that makes sense because guests come and go. It was almost as though it was like a model home, which everyone loves because it's clean and streamlined, but when you have a family...
Another good book is "Do What You Are".   I think the key to finding the right job and career path is knowing who you are and who you aren't. I feel introversion vs extroversion plays a big role in careers. I haven't been home as long as you but I graduated college 6 months pregnant and worked for a year as an HR manager and it was draining on me emotionally.   I'm really trying to savor this time as a sahm but it's really hard because I don't fully identify with...
  yes he does and family refers to me as his wife, daughter in law. I think were in a common law state. Been living together together for over 8 years now. 
you all gave great advice and insight.
thanks again
thanks just wanted to process thoughts. deleting for privacy,
Check out the book summoning the fates it's a good read on the different phases.   Looks like your saturn return began and ended in September 2009. I think it's still possible for you to still be feeling the saturn return despite it being over if you have unresolved issues you did't get to work through before you turned 30.   You are every fortunate to have a husband who is very forgiving and loyal. Whatever happened between you two during "adult puberty"...
I found a kitchen witch utensil holder thingy at goodwill. I had no idea what one is but it looked interesting so I bought it. My husband thinks it's creepy and that spirits and ghosts are going to start following us home from goodwill now. I don't cook from scratch enough so maybe this will inspire new creativity in the kitchen?   Anyways, both movies mentioned in this old thread are available to watch free with amazon prime. I am excited to watch them!
Okay so can we talk colors of the days, element of day and rhythm. I googled things and came up with some pagan things and astrological things and then there is Steiners view.   Do any of you follow some sort of color rhythm for the days, perhaps loosely?   I am a little type A and like the idea of color coding for certain days.  I imagine that laundry would be so much easier if the kids each had twelve outfits and a rainbow of colors to choose from. Washing...
New Posts  All Forums: