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I haven't read any of the posts but it just dawned on me that I have 10 weeks left and I have NOTHING done. Well, besides clothes washed and sorted by size. I'm going to be in crisis mode real soon if I don't get my bum bum in gear Hopefully nesting mode will kick in again soon
Anyone plan on celebrating Dia de los muertos? What do you do? Do you tie this in to halloween somehow, or do you treat it seperately? We will hopefully be celebrating this year for the first time. Throughout this week I think we'll try and make some sugar skulls, dead mans bread, attend a local festival, and have a mini feast in honor of our relatives. My great grandma and other relatives are buried in a private cemetary so we'll also try and make it there to pay our...
Those of you doing yoga, did you do yoga prior to becoming pregnant? I hear so many great things about it and I've been wanting to try it out. The classes near me are pricey though!
Quote: Originally Posted by stormgirl I get out of breath walking up the stairs, or down the hallway in my house. Does that count? I have to pause often to let my heartrate slow down. I wish I could be more active. Took my 3.5 yo for a short walk in the woods today and he ran circles around me, repeatedly. Oh man me too! Makes me wonder how on earth I manage doing a class but yet want to pass out after a 45 second climb up stairs. Sometimes...
If it makes you feel any better I'm up 15, despite eating decent (although very carb heavy), and going to the gym at least 3x a week. 35 is the max I want to reach too but I know I had huge jumps at this time last time around so we'll see. The holidays have me worried as the meals prepared are never very healthy, and I just can't resist all the yumminess!
So last pregnancy I had severe low back pain and couldn't exercise past 3 months, ended up in horrible shape post pardum with a 60+ gain. Lost it all and still have some minor back pain but I decided it was better to at least try and keep active than let my body go idle for 9 months and then be compeletely out of shape and risk having severe pain again. I've actually been more consistent working out than anytime before in my life. I feel so good afterwards, but man...
I have these laminate shoe shelves. Right now I am using 2, stacked on top of eachother to hold baskets of my sons nature toys (shells, stones, etc.), wooden cars, farm accessories and animals. Then another shelf is placed near his kitchen and holds a couple plastic shoe boxes of dress up stuff like glasses, and hats, and then other miscellanious things. I love that it helps keep like toys together and allows my son to easily find what he wants to play with and put away...
Thanks for posting! I just signed up and the 20/20 sounds very doable. I haven't done the cure in full, but have the book and pick and choose things to focus on as needed. Yesterday we painted the family room so thats the room I'm going to focus on for today.
I think that's absolutely fine! Videos of family is so much more different and I would never think to ban them, even if we were 100% media fee.
Those of you using vacuums on tile, how do you get to th corners without having to put the attachment on? We have a dyson animal and when I suggested we vacuum the tile with it my df said it would be bad on the vacuum and tile, despite it having a hard floors setting.
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