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Well I haven't heard back from the school. I'm guessing he's too old.
I can completely relate to you Climbergirl! I'm due in January and I'm starting to have a little panic about how things will be with two kids. I feel like if I can figure out a perfect rhythm for us, that life will be much easier. I really like Heaven on Earth and have used it as my main resource (checked out from library so many times I should really just buy it) and it's been super helpful. The basic rhythm described in the book breakfast outside...
Are there websites that give the option to search for names based on a certain number of letters?
Hypothetically, if you had no debt, and 30k sitting under your mattress, what do you think you'd do with it? Would you buy a new car? Invest it to start earning some interest? Keep it liquid? Put some away for your kids? etc.
We've done a couple workshops and always have so much fun. One time they also gave kids a $10 gift card to give daddy for fathers day! I think it's great that they are doing this for the community.
My local waldorf charter has a 10 week parent child group that I've been wanting to enroll my son but couldn't justify the $300 cost so never did. I still need to contact the school to see the age range for the group, but I'm curious to know if you think he might be too old for this type of setting? They have a preschool program, 5 days a week that he could go to but the drive is 20-30 minutes and I think that's too much. The playgroup is once a week for 2.5 hours....
Quote: Originally Posted by tallulahma Whoami- I love that earth cycle wheel! Thanks for the link! I like keeping the "lesson" type stuff separate. I feel like having the wheel of the year, days of the week,etc all in one place feels less natural and a little too overstimulating? But that's just my personal preference. Yeah, I'm worried it will turn out too complicated or overstimulating if I make my own. LuxPerpetua's calendar sounds...
So I think we are settled on not circumcising. Mom didn't circumcise brothers because she thought it was cruel. Talked to older brother and he did circumcise his son. Him and his wife didn't give it much thought and just said yes when they were asked for consent. Didn't seem like an issue to him. My honey is still on the fence though because he has a friend in medical school who says there's issues with guys who are intact. Something about higher stds and infections.
lunch basket/backpack cotton backpack If so do you like them and are they somewhat durable? I'm looking for a small backpack for my 3 year old to wear when we take short bike rides down to the park, and when we go out on long outings. I bought a lands end one and it ended up being way too big.
Quote: Originally Posted by LuxPerpetua I have a calendar wheel similar to what you posted that has a way to point clock hands at the months, the day of the week, and the date. I bought it through Three Sisters Toys a couple of years ago. I searched and couldn't find it, but it would be so easy to make. You could just get some card stock and make a large circle, and on the outer edge write the names of each month with a small picture for each (like...
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