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Do your children see you reading? I feel that by making the effort to fill my cup and read everyday, that in a way it's rubbed off on my son. I have a little cozy spot I like to sit at, and I made one for him too with a pillow a blanket and basket of books. After a long outing or a burst of high energy, I find my son is more receptive to looking at books, or having me read to him. He has his own library card too and each time I go to the library I try and have at least one...
We went camping over the weekend and Saturday afternoon my son started having to pee constantly, even after drinking no fluids, and a most of the time lot of pee was coming out each time. He says there is no pain. Is there a way to treat this without antibiotics? I can't get him to the doctor today.
I've been having the hardest time drinking water without feeling naucious afterwards. I can finally drink it now, but it's hard to remember sometimes so thanks for posting. I just put a pitcher at the table with a big glass a reminder to drink up.
My son is on the shorter side, he's 37" and 33 pounds.
I actually enjoy decluttering and organizing things, but lately I've been wondering if the cycle will ever end? Has anyone here actually reached a point where they really don't have anything to declutter and organize?
My 3 year old is very social too and does the whole introduction thing too lol. Sometimes it works and he makes and instant buddy, other times kids just run away and he doesn't understand why they want to play alone. He literally runs to the playground saying he's going to make a new a friend. I love that he's so outgoing and sometimes wish I could be more like him, but I am not and I don't think I ever could be. Keep your chin up, you and your son are you're bound to...
Heres just one list on what to keep, if you do a search you'll pull up different ones, but generally they are all about the same. I just started the process of creating a new filing system this video since ours was no longer suiting our needs. So far I am loving the simplicity of it. I have yet to file all the permanent stuff, but just knowing I have a system to the madness is helping. You have a great friend to be willing to pitch in time to help with such a task!
Oh man summers without A/C = no fun! I suffered through that for a few summers and I had the hardest time adjusting to not being able to use the stove or oven because the house got so hot. Now I'm a little more thankful that I at least have A/C now, but still, I am sooo over the 105+ heat here.
Quote: Originally Posted by Funny Face I very rarely eat meat when it's humane, kosher and organic. So that doesn't happen very often. But I really MISS it and crave it all the time still! I also crave things like cheese, a glass of milk or stuff with gelatin in it. I don't really do the fake substitutes because they don't cure the craving anyway and they're so over processed. And as much as I crave it (especially meat) I feel a little at the...
Man I feel like I have sooo much to do! For starters... 1. sell a bunch of clothing and electronics on ebay so that I can... 2. clear out the office so it can become my son and the babies new bedroom 3. decorate and furnish the above new room 4. move office to sons current room 5. do one more huge purge 6. sell some no longer needed furniture on craigslist 7. find out the sex so I can take care of the clothing situation 8. relax.breathe.and enjoy these last few...
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