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I'll post an abbreviated birth story, with a longer one following. It was fast and furious. My water broke at 3 pm and started leaking. Rushes did not start until 5 pm. At 6:30 they were 7-10 min apart. At 8pm they were 5 min apart, and by 9:30 they were 3 min apart. I finally decided the midwives should come, and they were there by 10 pm. I went to the bathroom and there was blood. I was allowed to get into my birth pool then they got worried because I was still...
Me too! Peeing alot, barely sleeping, I'm grumpy, my husband is grumpy (and smoking more than normal) Glad I'm not the only one feeling sorry for myself for no good reason.
Totally amazing! You almost never hear of carrying twins to term! Congratulations to you for a homebirth and Welcome to your beautiful boys!!
Relax Momma!! Let your body do what's it's got to do!! I might go lay down and see if that brings them on again since that's what happened last night.
We are like a light bomb of hormones right now. My DH same thing. I'm trying to cut him some slack, but we talked about it and he made the point that even though mood swings at this point are normal, he's cutting me slack. So he's doing the best to keep me happy, and I should give him a break too. Other wise we'll both be miserable. Sorry, I don't have advice but I can sympathize.
Quote: Originally Posted by purplemamaturtle5 Its a crampy feeling I get low in my uterus and in my back. Nothing too intense, just really uncomfy. Makes my back cramp up.... (not too fun) I dunno... I have the same thing. For 4 hours in the middle of the night I thought for sure today would be the day. Then I took a shower and they went away. i have mixed feeling about it because I was tired and I got some more rest, but now I have the "I'm...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mawood How do you know that the baby is posterior? My OB only says she is head down and will move in the right position in labor but is not very specific. She is still changing sides and felt sideways for the past days. From reading the links I think she might be posterior. Can it only be seen with an ultra sound? Most OB's can only tell with an Ultrasound, or they only feel safe saying definetly with an U/S. Most...
Mentioned this to my MW, and she said it's only for softening a rigid cervix. And in "Herbal for the Childbearing Year" says the same. So, yeah if your soft then don't worry about doing it.
Quote: Originally Posted by scarletjane If you're just feeling the need to be proactive, maybe some of the more "benign" labor induction methods would be good for you to do... things that aren't even so much induction methods as much as they're things that you do anyway that can get things going... I'm thinking sex and exercise. Maybe you could start having more sex and doing frequent fast-paced walks- maybe even some lunges or climbing...
Personally I hated being "checked" first pregnancy, and I am asking not the be checked this time. When it's time, it's time. Every time I got checked the first time, it made me really uncomfortable and crampy, and bleeding and I don't think it really speed anything up, it just made me more uncomfortable. It's all normal though. Good luck!
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