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Privilege check on aisle three!
I was checking on my mom's property while she was away on a trip and found two kittens in her backyard. I looked diligently for the mama cat, and took the kittens around to the houses around my mom's, but no one laid claim to them. I took them home and have been caring for them for two weeks. They were so young I had to feed them cat formula with an eye dropper at first!! Problem is my daughter... after telling her repeatedly not to pull their tails, pick them up wrong,...
Thank you everyone for your great suggestions! I've got a little more to go on now!!
I'm trying hard to reduce my dependence on grains but am really stuck at breakfast because I have an egg intolerance. Does anyone have some ideas?
Dr. Berger is truly the best in this area. Hopefully others will chime in with other options tho.
We've been TV Free since before our daughter was born, but after she turned two allowed her to watch shows on the iPad or computer. She turned 3 in July. Well, things have kind of spiraled out of control (ex: watching Cinderella every. single. day... Throwing a big fit when it's time to do something else... Lashing out in tantrums, etc). Last week the iPad "got broken" and Daddy had to send it away to get fixed *wink wink*. That quickly turned into her wanting to sit in...
Seconding the "get outta the house in the morning" and bike riding suggestions. I have a Madsen cargo bike and absolutely love it!!
I know this thread is old, but I wanted to check in. I'm having a hard time finding resources and information. Many of the first links on prior posts are no longer working. Internet searching reveals more dead links or dead forums. Help?
I've really been enjoying tumblr recently. You can find posts about topics you enjoy by searching tags. It's very easy to use and rather anonymous.
I tried it ONCE and it left my hair terribly dry. I stick to -cone free shampoos nowadays. (Basically avoid any SLS or ingredients ending in cone... silicone, simethicone, dimethicone.)
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