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I know this thread is years old, but I'm experiencing this with my daughter... bottom 2-year molars are in, but none on top, and no sign of them coming in either. Askew, if you check this and have the chance to respond back, how long was it until the top molars come in? It's been almost six months!
For shame on these prior home-owners who installed light colored tile! My mom realized the bitter truth about ten years ago after she had black and white tile installed. And now she fosters rescue dogs *shriek*. She has a lady come about once a month to help her do the floors thoroughly, and just tries to keep it between the ditches in the meantime. Loving my Pergo!!!
I have a cargo bike so my LO hasn't been in a kids bike seat per se, but we bike a lot (started when she was about 1.5). From what I've experienced, if my daughter is tired, hungry, or not going where she wants to go (lol) she will sit there and cry the whole time! And she loves riding! I have a Madsen cargo bike btw. Ask her if she'd like to take a friend along for the ride, a stuffy or doll, and make sure she's got a juice box for the road Also consider the bike seat...
I've found that if my daughter "helps" she is way more apt to eat the food we prepare... or at least give it a try!
In addition to meal planning, I think activity planning with your son will be helpful too. If you need to do chores, figure out how he can either help you or stay occupied while you tackle laundry or whatever. Does he like to color, play blocks, watch Sesame Street? At my house cooking & cleaning is pretty much all on me and I'm not afraid to turn on PBS kids when I need to. Don't be overwhelmed with too many crockpot choices. Here's some things I make on a regular basis...
My daughter is 2.5 and she does both play and learning at her little school. Nothing serious but I still think its great! Counting to 20, singing the ABCs, she came home with a shape book yesterday and seeds she had sprouted in a cup last week. These are playful age appropriate toddler activities. She's got a great teacher!! What kinds of things are they doing in your son's morning program? Maybe it's time to reexamine his school and switch before next fall.
There are several midwives in the Tampa area, which is about a half hour south of where you're thinking of moving. Check out the Tampa Labor of Love birth center. http://laboroflovetampa.com/ Lakeland is about a half hour south of Zephyrhills and there are some wonderful midwives there too! http://lakelandmidwiferycare.com/
Get yourself a good bike. Need to haul kids and groceries? Get a cargo bike! I have a Madsen and absolutely love it! www.madsencycles.com I wouldn't mind trying a Bullitt or Cetma brand out, though!
Bellydance, when was the last time you were in St. Pete? A lot has changed over there! West Palm has always struck me as kind of snobby, but may offer more job opportunities for professionals, I don't know.
If you want to change to Labor of Love in Lutz you need to call them NOW as they currently have a waiting list!!
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