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Sounds great!! Thank you for sharing with us!!
I've learned my lesson reading this thread to always from this point on send my daughter to a friend's house with a snack to share!! Heaven forbid any of the sleepover friends were diabetic and needed juice in the middle of the night! Will not share with you all the totally non-PC comment my husband made after I shared this story with him. Ouch.
That family is setting their kids up for a lifetime of disordered eating... and spending!!
$500 sounds about right. A CSA near me (Tampa) wants about $700 for the season (they are well established and their parking lot is full of Mercedes on the weekends. Kind of pisses me off). Another down in Bradenton only asked for about $450.
Cook enough to freeze and have for leftovers. Make sure your pantry is well stocked. Write down what you're making on the calendar so you can use up that half a can of tomato paste or whatever. I fix a lot of soups and casseroles because those always have leftovers. I space out my meat-based meals, too.
I think $500 for a family of three in a metro area is doing damn good, actually.
We are potty learning and I had several stacks of clean panties sitting on a shelf in my daughter's room. Several times a day she threw them all over the place until I gave up and put them in a basket in a higher to reach location. I think she was doing it as a way to express ownership of her stuff. I'm all for limiting toys, but make sure you have a closet or someplace out of his reach so you can rotate items as needed. Also, does your son play alone or with others?
The hospitals in this area are very cut happy. I would recommend Labor of Love, Sweet Child O' Mine childbirth services, or the independent midwives in the Tampa area.
I did that too a couple years ago. Local "egg man" is excellent with animal husbandry BUT he uses non-organic feed to supplement pasturing. Long story short, I developed an egg intolerance from eating his product. A nutritionist told me chicken feed is high in arsenic which accumulates in the body.Even if its local, definitely still ask questions.
My daughter is 2.5 and eats more carbs and chicken nuggets than I'd care for, but she's never been on antibiotics (not even when i was having her!) and has always enjoyed yogurt. It could be a flora imbalance, but I think it's mostly her asserting personal favorites. She loves chili (which can be prepared health-consciously! And on the crockpot!) piccadillo, and pad Thai. Lovemylab, try chopping veggies and protein very fine to go in soups and casseroles. Does your child...
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