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Wow. Where was this, a playgroup or something? How did it come up that you don't vax? I'm really sorry someone attacked you verbally like this. I know if it was me I'd be so flabbergasted that I wouldn't be able to retort with any thing, and then would kick myself later for it.
1) You have NOT "wasted" your time. All your experiences with this person whom you love will be with you *always.* 2) Fertility declining after age 27. Ugh. This haunted me when I was in my late 20s and no where near finding Baby Daddy. Practice decent self-care and don't worry about it. I was 32 when I had DD.
Well, you learned your lesson there; don't bring it up!! Turn in your application paperwork with the vaccine exemption instead of the vaccinations received form. Turn in the "good to go" paperwork from your doctor. If you prepay for six months they WON'T turn you away!
I had 3 second-degree tears which took 45 minutes to be sewn up. It took 6 months to be able to stand sex and a year for the perineum area to not sting during penetration. Two years post-partum things look pretty "normal" down there. In my opinion, you have been malpracticed on at the hospital.
Honey, you get what you pay for. That $950 may be worth it's weight in gold just to have that lawyer's letterhead at the top and name scrawled at the bottom! With a new baby, you don't have *time* to go on a wild goose chase online hunting for info. Last year, I was the victim of workplace bullying. I called a labor lawyer and spoke with her for an hour over the phone for $250. It was worth it at the time to me.
Hmmm sounds like Shangri-La! My first suggestion is St. Augustine, the oldest city. Or maybe Amelia Island. There are other towns up and down the Atlantic coast which might be a fit so hopefully others will chime in. Please realize that Florida is still the South! I love living here, but I'm an 8th generation Floridian and the Cracker way of life suits me just fine. Others who give our state a try don't understand why people drive pick up trucks and wonder why the...
The last time I bought new dishcloths was two years ago. They are pink and yellow striped on a white background. Of course the washing instructions say Do Not Bleach, lol. They have faded just a wee bit, but otherwise still look great. I usually put out a clean hand towel in the kitchen every day.
LoLoL. I've got my daughter's toys front and center in our tiny 1953 home and she still will go DAYS without playing with her toys!!! She'll play with her toys when YOU DO!! No Mommy, you can't do crafts, make a phone call, shave your legs, or snuggle with Daddy. *sigh*
I wash kitchen towels, washcloths, bath towels, diapers and cloth wipes all together with a half a cup of good old fashioned Clorox!
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