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Hey there mamas ~   April~Kay I live in Oregon also........I'm a single mama and I happen to have a single mama friend in Eugene.....I will message you.   blessings sarah
thank you for the absolutely wonderful responses!   blessings~
i hope everything is well for you mama and your girls.   blessings~~    
Hey there mamas!                                                                                                                           I have a DD who is almost 9 and is having some diffculties at school with other girls and friendships. In general she has a great time making friends with girls around her age. It seems like right now there is a lot of, "I'm not your friend anymore" stuff going on. And from what I hear it is other girls saying this to her. Is this a...
i like natures baby organic vanilla tangerine shampoo/body wash. and topricin for kids is suppost to be helpful for eczema. the regular topricin is wonderful for pain.
mountainroseherbs.com has great bulk shea butter. it should be just fine on childrens skin as well. just don't let them eat it : )
fats internally, i agree   and drinking enough water. also, how about plain Jojoba Oil? and washing witn a non drying cleanser once per day and once per week exfoilating. with ground up oat meal and honey.....or a natural scrub like from aubrey. also, a honey mask and cleansing with honey. hth          
have caused me to be super grouchy this afternoon? (it is my moon time)   is it really possible for it to have that strong of an effect?   thanks for answering
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