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Sometimes my DD will get in these awful fits if she doesn't get what she wants. Where she will scream like a banshee. So I tell her she either needs to sit on the couch or go in her room until she calms down. I feel like this is the only thing I can do without me flipping out on her. Her whining really gets to me. So instead of yelling or hitting this is the only thing that works for me.
Sounds like something I would do. I think what you did was good. The I need a hug thing was cute
Yeah i was definitely thinking about cutting out movies and shows for a week and see if that made the situation better. Usually when she ask for her Nana I let her call her and she'll talk to her and then when she hangs up the phone she gets upset because she wants to go see her Nana. I think I'll just have to grit my teeth and get over the whining over nana. Because like you said she's still just a baby.
My DD is two and a half and LOVES movies. I limit her to one movie or show a day but when it's over she throws a fit if I don't let her watch it again. I try to distract her with something else, and it works for the meantime but then a couple hours later she asks to watch the movie or show again. If I tell her no she starts whining and won't stop. I think the big problem is because she goes to her Nana's about three to two times a week. Her Nana spoils her because she...
Well I definitely would have learned my lesson and put it up somewhere high. But five years old is old enough to understand they are not allowed to eat candy and you made that clear. My oldest is two so I haven't had to deal with something like that yet. I agree with you telling them they aren't able to go downstairs by themselves. I think I would probably take one priviledge away like TV time or something like that. or maybe no dessert after dinner because they already...
it is irritating but with breastfeeding rates so low in USA and with big corporations only thinking about money and not the health of infants it's easy to endorse formula. I personally feel bad for woman that choose to use formula [excluding those who medically cannot breastfeed] While they get up at night making a bottle. I just whip my breast out and put it in my babies mouth. It's great :]
My DD's name is Isabel. I love the name Sebastian for a boy. I named my son Tristan and my MIL hates it [shes mexican] because she can't say it the english way and she says in spanish it reminds her of the word triste which means sad
I'm white and DH is Mexican but he's dark. He thinks he may have some AA in him because he has a picture of his Grandmother and she looks black. No one every thinks he is Mexican they always think he is either half black half white or half black half asian. My DD is light skinned although tanner than me. She has big brown dark eyes and curly soft reddish dark brown hair. My DS who is only a month old is tanner than her but has the same Dark hair although his is...
Quote: Originally Posted by Juvysen I only haven an intact son, but no, you don't need to clean out his foreskin at all after a poop... the hardest part for me is making sure there's no bits left in the wrinkles on his scrotum. Just wipe the penis off like a finger, beyond that. the foreskin is FUSED to the head on an intact baby - the same way your fingernail is fused to your finger, so no poo really gets IN there, in my experience... ^The...
Thank you for that. I am really against circumcision. I would never mutilate my son. Nature made him that way. That way he'll stay!
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