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I have one on the back of my neck...upper back I guess? Seemed a safe spot, not likely to get stretch marks (because...well..I have lots) and easily covered by a shirt should I wish. Not that I do
I'm umm...still working on that I was just thrilled when I rescued Peach
Quote: Originally Posted by just_lily Maybe you could use the sheets as material to make some pants... Think there is a dog version? In all seriousness though...if there was a dog version I would be whipping out the CC Right. Now.
Quote: Originally Posted by allgirls PEI...temperate, beautiful, inexpensive if you're ok with some isolation at times...my husband says I should never visit(I haven't been there) because I'll never leave. my dp feels the same. He's not keen on a vacation there because he knows I'd find a way to stay For now though we're firmly planted in BC.
Quote: Originally Posted by KristyDi FYI The iron and towel trick does not work on walls, linoleum floors or fiberglass bathtubs. Wax all over the bathtub and wall sounds like the beginning of a sex adventure gone wrong right? Yeah, not so much. The huge red 3 wick candle that had been burning for at least an hour during a blackout, DH decided it would be cool to blow it out with a can of air. It looks like blood splatter from a Dexter...
I colour my hair, but only when I fancy a change. It's not to cover the grey Luckily for me, I have that fun shiny silver hair coming in so at some point I may just let it all go silver just to see what it looks like. I think it might look a bit strange to do that now though since my eyebrows are very dark. I don't know.
Quote: Originally Posted by lonegirl It became law here in Ontario....only Handsfree devices can be used while driving....so headsets or Bluetooth. NO texting, surfing or dialing. http://news.ontario.ca/mto/en/2009/0...t-devices.html same in BC. I never understood the need to text while driving anyway...what on earth could be that important?
I think I need to ground myself from the internets. When someone says DON'T LOOK, I should really listen I have to go bleach my brain now..
Quote: Originally Posted by Theoretica INORITE?!?!?! I loved that book as a kid, but now I read it to DD and think "Sheesh that is a totally enabling tree and the kid just takes advantage of EVERYTHING!" I'd like to see a version two...the tree tells the kid Nope, not gonna DIE for you to have a @%$(# canoe dude! I found my people. I heard all these GREAT things about that book, and saw it on sale and stupidly bought it without...
4 it is then lol! I have 4 on too, big gnarly snow tires rule. Makes winter driving a whole lot nicer (I'm in Canada btw, it's brisk!)
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