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Yeah, I'm not talking about women who give up after a few days. I'm talking about mothers who did everything they could to nurse their babies and their children were losing weight. It happens. But thank you for your post, because your attitude is EXACTLY what I'm talking about:-)
Did she have early ultrasounds?
Oh goodie! Now you're in the club! Ok just, just kidding. That SUCKS! How could they get that wrong? I'm so sorry OP:-(
Congratulations! Have a peaceful, healthy pregnancy!
If your goal is a living baby you need a C-Section.
I've heard that as you have more babies your muscles get weaker and looser. So while it often takes less time because there is less holding your baby in, it hurts more because the muscles are weak. I don't think that psychology changes birth pain that much. I suppose the pain is worse if you are afraid or waiting on an epidural, but I really reject the idea that labor pains are just our perception. In fact I find it completely demeaning and sexist that people suggest such...
Good luck! Another thing to keep in mind is that a lot of research for GD includes type 1 diabetics and full on type 2s. GD is much milder and does not present the kind of health risks to the baby as more severe forms of diabetes. Really, the only risk factors you are looking at are LGA and hypoglycemia. Hypoglycemia is easily controlled. My DD's was extremely low, but a little formula fixed it right away ( she couldn't latch right away so we had to give her formula)....
Ok, so there are bad things with GD, this is true. Your baby may get too big( unlikely if you control your blood sugar well) and have hypoglycemia (EASILY corrected) and your OB may be more likely to push interventions. But there are some benefits as well. You will eat better than 99% of the pregnant population. The GD diet is so healthy and it really makes you aware of what you eat. I didn't gain a pound after my diagnosis with my last pregnancy, although I had gained a...
Can you just wait until you're pushing to go to the hospital? Honestly, you are risking a lot by ucing a premature baby. It doesn't matter how your other kids did, what matters is how this baby will do. You say you have supplies, but have you ever resucitated a preemie, or any newborn for that matter? If something happens to this preemie, and he or she suffers brain damage from hypoxia or worse, how will you live with that? Low risk moms can UC with a reasonable...
Oh honey! I get 168 from eating a bagel! You are not a failure. It is impossible to prevent GD.
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