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We're raising our son bilingual. We never get him tested for anything, because doctors are all bunk with their arbitrary requirements. 35% speech delay? Puh-lease. Everyone is different. *I* know my son is normal (smart in fact), and even if he's not saying very many words at age 2, I don't give a flip. He'll be talking eventually; we're letting him take his own rhythm. I would stop taking him to get tested for these kinds of things if I were you. The people...
Cool to read the information here. Both hubby and I are sensitive, but in different areas. Our son is pretty sensitive too, but it doesn't manifest physically as much as emotionally. But he does need to have his socks on straight. I'm the same way, so I assumed it was normal. You mean most people don't care if the seam is touching the bottom of their toes?? However, starting yet another subforum? There are so many here, I'm overwhelmed.
I'm not sure where to go to find information, and/or start a discussion, about birth control. I typed it into the search bar, but only got hits about giving birth. There are so many topics/subtopics; I don't want to post a question in the wrong place. But if this has already been discussed somewhere, I'd be interested in what people have said in the past. Thanks!
WOw, I wish I had known about this earlier. Are you going to have another one soon? What is NOW?
The funniest thing might have been when we were in France visiting in-laws (my hubby is French) in the summer of '08. Our son was just 8 months old at the time, and my inlaws were very impressed by the fact that he was still nursing! They took us around to meet all the friends and extended family, and EVERY time they introduced me to someone new they'd say, "This is 'A...', and she's still nursing her little baby!" That was the first thing these strangers learned about...
Quote: Originally Posted by hibiscus mum It's been a rough time so far with DS since he's such a different baby compared to DD. I don't know if he'd be classified as "high-needs" but he's definitely needier than DD was as a baby. At Christmas dinner, I gave DS some turkey and he was thoroughly enjoying it. My MIL said to him, "You're so much happier now that you're eating REAL FOOD, aren't you?" I was like, "As opposed to the fake stuff coming out...
I don't have any advice; I wish I did, but I face the same problem with my son, though not EVERY single night anymore. He's two years old. He does the same tantrum thing when I have to take the boob away (it hurts after awhile!!) at night. And hubby is a light sleeper, so he gets irritated when baby cries. Nighttime at our house has been less than ideal the past two years. So sorry I can't offer more than empathy. BIG HUG!
Did you want to get pregnant? Is psychology playing a part?
oh, and I should mention the skin is very dry and cracked all over the bum, but gets worse near the blistery area. Drying it with a hair dryer seems counter-intuitive to me, since the skin is so dry.
Wow, thanks ladies. I'm overwhelmed. I need to figure out what to do now. We don't have health insurance, and we're pretty low income during this season when hubby's in school. The charity place in town always has at least a month-long waiting list... I hope his rash/blister/whatever-it-is doesn't last for a month! Poor guy, indeed. I feel so badly for him.
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