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Thanks all for your responses so far. To clarify, he only goes to daycare Tuesdays and Wednesdays, so he has the other 5 days of the week to heal from any damage done there. I'm fairly certain that his diaper is changed enough when he's there. I'm friends with the daycare provider, and she's a very careful attentive person. When he first started going, he got diarrhea, and I figured it must be because she's required to give all the kids milk. We don't drink milk...
I'm so sorry. that does sound scary. I'm no expert, but I'm offering a hug and a prayer that you find the right professional to help you. It does seem, from what you wrote that the vaxes caused some kind of mild nerve damage somewhere. Do you have a naturopath in your area? I don't trust standard docs either. We switched to a naturopath for my husband's health issues, and we love him. I love the naturopathic philosophy of "treat the cause, not just the symptoms." HUG!
My boy just turned 2. He never had diaper rash at all until starting daycare last August. Maybe it's just coincidence on the timing? He's only in daycare 2 days a week. Anyway, the rash has been going away and coming back off and on for several months with varying degrees of intensity. This past week he's had a cold, and the diaper rash has turned into a terrible blistering red welt on his poor little cheeks. Right where the cheeks touch each other. He doesn't...
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