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   Thank you!
I got some wonderfully exciting news yesterday.  I got a scholarship.....for $3,000! Which completely covers a full semester in the Spring and 2 classes in the summer! And also means I get all of my grants and loans refunded to me, so yeah $3000 more to spend on living this coming up semester. Which is fantastic, because I am in DIRE need of a different car. Mine is falling to pieces. I just put $700 into it two weeks ago (thankfully I got a state voucher) and it is...
If you attended a street health fair with your family, what would you like to see? I'm planning one for a grassroots organization I work for, and am open to any suggestions. Along with activity suggestions. Thanks!
ModestNeeds.org (which is a little harder to qualify for, depending on the circumstances)   Hero Network (anyone can do)
I did. :)
I went and got it "fixed" today. As we're sitting in the shop waiting our turn she said "I changed my mind, I don't want short hair." I explained to her that half of it was already short now so we had to fix the rest of it. But when she saw the finished product, she was grinning ear to ear. She loves it and I think it's pretty cute.
I've also heard from social workers that they've been put in situations where they didn't feel that the child was in danger, but were pressured to act by the powers that be.   I'm just getting at I think it would be very difficult for me to work hand-in-hand with the state knowing what I know.    Where I work has been advocating for changes in the definition of neglect to distinguish between actual neglect and poverty. however, I think that sometimes we're not taking...
Slight side note, I have written papers both for my work and school detailing how parents are often accused of neglect and children removed as opposed to families recognized as being poor and appropriate services rendered. We have an entire program at my work dedicated to this. There have also been numerous investigations into the local CPS system. I absolutely have no faith in the local system. I've seen children who desperately needed the intervention go without and...
I had been putting off the haircut for time and money reasons... No putting it off anymore.   She cut her hair down to right below her ears today. So, guess she has no choice but to get a short hair cut. lol
I have a girlfriend who is collecting stories of people who receive SNAP benefits. http://snapsnapshot.tumblr.com "This tumblr is designed to hopefully provide a snapshot of some of the families and individuals that benefit from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. Maybe we can debunk the stereotypes."     If anyone wants to participate, I can send your stories her way. Or give you her e-mail so you can send it. I just sent her mine today and...
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