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Thank you! Looking forward to reading your thoughts.
I'm posting so I can remember to come back later and read these. I have a somewhat similar experience. My daughter's father now has a protective order against him because he was threatening us. She hasn't seen him or heard from him since April. She overheard that he was in jail and she knows that he was doing mean things. Sometimes, though she'll tell me she wishes her dad wasn't mean anymore because she misses him. :(
Okay, I am a very social justice minded person. I'm currently involved in a grassroots organization run by and for poor people. I'm a second year college student, so I'm in my General Ed classes at this point. I've been considering Social Work because it makes a good deal of sense for someone who wants to make a positive change in the world. BUT, I have some major issues coming to me. There are plenty of Social Work jobs out there, but a good deal of the ones here are...
As a student, I live off my grants and loans. I know that they count spousal income from the year before, so it wouldn't help until your FASFA for the 2013 tax year, but I'd consider that. The loans can be forgiven fully or partially for certain fields in my state. Usually medical, teaching, and public service. I also suggest seeing if there are salvage stores in your area. Around here, about 50% of what is at the salvage store is dented or the boxes are torn but the...
There was a blog a few years back http://under1000permonth.blogspot.com that she shut down, due to a lot of receiving a lot of criticism I think. She had some good ideas and some ideas that led people to believe she was doing some unsafe things. I guess you could read through and take what you want from it... Also, I've...
Same here. I have the post count, but I've only been "active" since August because I went a very long time without internet access.
They were considered separately in my county. My ex was ordered child support and a separate order for both unpaid medical bills and childcare expenses.
I found someone who was certified and charged according to a parent's ability to pay. I paid $70 a week for one child, while others might have paid up to $125. On the parenting agreement question, yes you can put in there that he is responsible for half of childcare costs and then hang onto receipts and tax statements... I know that you can make him pay for half of school expenses and uncovered medical bills as well. 
I don't think my clothing expresses more than just what I like aesthetically or in some cases my interests (some of my tees). I feel that it's the same way for my kids, at least at this age. I think it's unfortunate though such an emphasis is placed on clothes, especially regarding "gendered" clothes. My daughter has many things she has picked from the "boys" section; just as I almost exclusively pick out my shirts from the men's section (I am constantly gifted clothes...
I'm not strictly vegetarian. I eat meat when it's offered, but I rarely can afford it and I just don't enjoy cooking it. BUT, I'm going to let my cousin handle the meat cooking and deserts while I take care of the sides.
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