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I have 17 first cousins on my dad's side ranging with the youngest being I'm guessing somewhere between 5 and 10 (yeah I don't talk to all of my family) and the oldest being either 40 or really close to it and 7 on my mother's side ranging from 17 to 33. My maternal grandmother had 7 kids from 1944 til sometime in the late 60s, so my cousins are pretty spread out on that side.    When you start counting my cousins' children (are those second cousins or first cousins once...
I succeeded in asking a question in class that my Social Problems teacher had neither an opinion about or answer for. That's a rarity.   On a more serious note, I got out of bed and went to class. BIG accomplishment because I am sick for about the third time since the semester began. I also submitted a rather stellar exam for the above mentioned class.   I'm hoping to get back in gear and actually get things done. :)
My daughter is only in Head Start right now, so she has no uniforms at her school (which is a whole school from birth to 5.) But a lot of the early childhood programs in the city require uniforms (which I would think would be against Head Start policy because the policy states that the parents have to pay for NOTHING. No school supplies, lunches, etc.) Anyway, 63 of the 90 elementary schools in my district require uniforms, so who knows where we'll be 3 years from now.
At least in KY where I live you must be on TANF. Depending on what income you have and where it comes from, you may be able to qualify for TANF.
As a parent of two children in public schools who is (very) low-income and lives in an extremely low-income neighborhood, I strongly dislike uniforms. And that seems to be the prevailing opinion around here.  My children already have a set of presentable, appropriate clothing at home. We manage to get 95% of their clothing used. It is an enormous expense to get uniforms for the children. They are much harder to get (in decent condition) used. 
 Maybe the state or county? Where I've lived in Indiana and in KY, it's been that you can do a subsidy request between November 1st and December 31st. That amount is dependent on income. And then from Jan 1st until funds run out (usually Feb, sometimes March) it's a crisis phase where you must have a disconnect notice, and they'll only pay the past due amount.
First, if you have TANF they may pay for it.They do in my state.Secondly if not, you may try to put in an application with ModestNeeds.org
I don't know if LIHEAP is the same everywhere or operated differently depending on state, but LIHEAP (Low-Income Heating Assistance Program if you didn't know or if it's something else where you live) is coming up mid-November. I've done it the past four years and usually get about $300 put on my utility bill. Usually though, by the time LIHEAP comes around, I'm behind a month and my utility bills are around $100-150 (depending on if I was living somewhere that used gas or...
Good to know it might go down a little soon.I doubt comparison shopping is going to help much. When I got it in the summer, Esurance was already offering me a policy at 1/3 the rate of all the "top" insurance companies for the same exact policy. If anyone knows an less well known company that tends to cost less, please let me know. :)
I know that pride is way past for the year, but I just saw this post (and board) and wanted to say that at least as far as Parade night (the only night I went of the three), I would definitely take my daughter next year. I didn't take her this year because it was my first pride and I didn't know what to expect. Some of my friends brought their (older) kids to march, and the first night was pretty family friendly in my eyes. :)
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