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Went to the meeting today. I'm trying to ignore the fact that I was treated condescendingly throughout the meeting and just celebrate the fact that my daughter received her IEP and starts speech TODAY!
I second that. I've never made it with evaporated milk, but milk makes it taste soooo much better than if you mix it with water. I have weird food tastes, but I put some grated Parmesan and/or mozarella in mine and add some crackers.
Yep, my understanding is that this deal only takes us into the beginning of 2014. Obama said, "We've got to get out of the habit of governing by crisis"Valid point. It's not like congress doesn't know that these issues aren't going to come up. Work it out well in advance instead of manufacturing a crisis. So, the last few weeks has made me consider what I would do if there were a crisis (man-made or natural). How long could our family survive if we suddenly had no income,...
It takes 5 minutes (if that) to get to my daughter's school and about 20 to get to my son's.
Well, the crisis is averted, for a couple more months at least...
8/5/13 I met with a group of school employees and when I left they gave me an "Evaluation Planning Form." The basic info on it says "The Admissions and Release Committee met on 8-5-2013 and has recommended an individual evaluation of: (DD) (DOB)Current Disability: NASuspected Disability: Speech or Language ImpairmentThe procedures and tests recommended for this evaluation may include screenings and formal and/or informal evaluations in the areas checked below(Speech Sound...
I'm very sorry if I sound extremely pessimistic these last few posts. I'm just very worried and upset about what could potentially be the worst thing that's ever happened in our country. I'm not sure people really think through the consequences of a potential default and long-term shutdown.
I'd be worried to live within 100 miles of a big city, which unfortunately I live in the middle of one of the top 20 largest Metro areas in America, and I live in a very impoverished part of the city that is already very prone to violence. Oh how I wish I was back to the country. IF this lasts and riots/looting/whatever starts; it will eventually work its way outward from cities.
 You know the unfortunate thing about this incident is that there were a lot of people during these few hours who made the rest of us who use SNAP look really bad.So you know that anti-assistance folk are going to run with stories like this to feed a lot more classism and "See, there is a lot of abuse... blahblahblah...."
 In my Social Problems class, we were talking about what would happen to America if the government REALLY shuts down and stops paying out SS/SNAP/TANF/UIetc. Riots. What happens if you take away the only lifelines for about half of the country? Because if you think about it between just the four programs I listed above, it's easily half our country (I'm not saying that's a bad thing). An increase in poverty lends itself to an increase in violence, sadly, because people...
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