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So after regularly asking when her speech evaluation would be, I've been getting annoyed because they keep saying "I don't know." Well, I got a letter on Thursday stating that we had an IEP meeting on this Thursday! So apparently she has had her evaluation, even though I didn't know about it. I'm glad this is finally moving along.   Anything I really need to know for an IEP meeting?   Thanks!
In my city and in the last place I lived, there were community agencies that would offer "Identity Assistance" for things like Photo IDs, birth certificates/marriage certificates, etc. If your area has any community ministries, I would check with them. The Salvation Army in our area (and the last one we lived in) also did it.
SO, any idea how Section 8 will be affected by the shutdown? I've only been on it for two months and I don't really understand the process yet.I live in an apartment community run by a non profit for single parent students. Every last one of us gets Section 8. I'm pretty sure that if for some reason, Section 8 were unable to pay our vouchers, we wouldn't be responsible for it (just going by how I know this organization) but if Section 8 shuts down, I'm sure others won't be...
I am so very happy that my father terminated his rights. However, in my case it wasn't love that made him do that decision. For 12 years he was a terrible father who just "kept" me to keep up appearances. He finally TPR'd simply because he didn't want to be a father. He had the resources available to be a good father, if he had wished to. He just never wished to. My biggest regret with my adoption is that he didn't do it sooner. He could have saved us both a lot of...
This may be a completely different situation. I was adopted at age 15, and it wasn't through foster care. My mother died when I was 3 and my sister was 12. I'm pretty sure my father never wanted children, and he definitely wasn't equipped with the knowledge to handle them. He was never physically abusive to me, but he was emotionally abusive, and in general just a jerk. He was also negligent and even though he was upper middle class and had the means to provide me with a...
This basically sums up what I dropped in to say. :)
I rarely have time to get on here anymore with everything I'm doing, but I wanted to drop in and say that anyone in the Louisville area, feel free to message me because I have a rather extensive list of resources for the area that I've compiled for my "job". I've been working a lot at this grassroots organization that I love created by and for poor people. I don't get paid, but I love it! But I recently found out that if we can get enough grants we could possibly have some...
I've never done it, but I know you can amend tax returns for a certain number of years.
Sorry to hear that zebra.
Of course they don't want to advertise that though. lol.
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