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I'm planning a much bigger garden this year and I'm trying to add to the list of homemade products I use, cleaning products, bath & body products, etc.
2/52 - pattern cards for DS's unifix cubes
I have trouble with this too. I'm just really trying to be better organized than I have been in the past but I know I still have to get rid of some things.
1/52 - First project finally completed. I made velcro sticks for DS's busy bag.
Started tackling my mess of an office on Sunday: 20 magazines/catalogs 2 bags of random papers 2 party hats 2 paper masks VCR cable stack of receipts shredded 7 old preschool art projects photographed for keepsake book, then tossed 5 bags/containers of art supplies combined into one nice organizer   144/2014
Wow, I really need to get started! Everyone is making such lovely things and yay for new babies!
headband banana hanger 3 pairs of pjs 3 Christmas decorations   104/2014
DH and I both do and DS sometimes like to help too.
20 puzzles added to donation pile 16 mostly deflated balloon animals (a product of my magician relative visiting for the holidays ) 22 junk mail items 6 magazines broken hair dryer   96/2014
6 items from the fridge tossed 23 toys into the donate pile that is being picked up next week   2+29 31/2014
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