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Really similar to my story, also - induced at 42 weeks last time due to "hospital policy," which I fought for several days.  I've got great hospital-based midwives that don't have me "on the clock" this time...but my due date is tomorrow and I'm feeling increasingly pessimistic.  Seeing a great chiro and accupunturist, and baby is perfectly positioned.  But maybe a little too comfortable in there!  Sending really positive thoughts your way - we can do it!
Appointment Monday, with a dating ultrasound and a chat with our midwife.  Not a huge ultrasound fan, but kind of excited to see the little blob!
  Name: Allison EDD: January 4 #Pregnancy/baby: 3/2 Your age/age at the birth: 29 now, 29 then Family: Super-DH, and fabulous DS, about to be 2 How long did it take to get your BFP: this was our second cycle of not-not-trying...we feel so blessed Birth plans: Hospital VBAC with midwives Goals/hopes for this pregnancy: to do everything possible to avoid a second c-section - and to relax and enjoy what is likely my last pregnancy! Early guesses about baby...
The midwife group I see in DC, Wisdom, has some nutrition guidelines that I think are pretty practical, and work for me - that said, I've been super-naseous and have only been able to get down turkey sandwiches on white bread today!  Hoping for better tomorrow   http://www.wisdommidwifery.org/  (see the nutrition link on the right...)
I'm in your situation and really like my combi coccoro - light, easy to install (I've only used the latch, though, as we'd always borrowed/rented cars with one).  It has a newborn insert and fit my newborn really well.  He's still rear-facing happily in it, though the shell is a little on the short side, and he will probably outgrow RFing a little after 2.  If that's not a huge concern, I think it's a great seat for the non-car owner, especially since it's small/light...
I've got a mini single and the double.  I will say - don't be concerned about the fabric footrest or the velcro.  They've been great.    I obviously love it lots.  I really appreciate the small and easy fold.
I can't believe Andrew will be 1 June 4th - just ordered party invitations.  We found out by complete accident that he really is happier sleeping out of our bed, so he's now a happy-snoozing crib baby, which has been nice for me because he was SUCH a kicker.  Sometimes they surprise you!  He's cruising everywhere - no words I've recognized yet, but really focused on trying to walk.  And eating everything in sight!  I offer him some of whatever's on my plate, and before I...
I LOVE this.  So beautiful.  Thank you so much for sharing.
Andrew was born 6/4.  He has the sweetest disposition - we are so lucky.  Crawling, pulled up for the first time this weekend.  And is totally in love with solids.  We've been following his lead, but I just can't believe how much he eats!
I'm of the school of buying a seat if at all financially possible - the stories of unexpected turbulence and the warnings about dangers to lap babies really freak me out.  But I also have a kid who snoozes pretty happily in his car seat (the loud engine noise is some sort of magic white noise for him).  Whether you decide to buy the seat or not, definitely bring the carseat with you to the gate and gate check it - if there are extra seats available, they will almost...
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