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Sharlla you should be able to sign your DH up for obamacare. www.obamacarefacts.com    The govnt is going to subsidize the cost of healthcare with a tax subsidy so he may be able to get coverage for very little, depending on your situation. Worth checking in to.
thanks lilac, I entered his giveaway!!!!
Here you can pay the ticket up front and have a trial in writing instead of in person. If the cop doesn't do his homework than you automatically win and they refund your money. I'm going to help DH try to do that because there is no way we can afford that much money.
my DH got a $417 speeding ticket. Ouch!!!
Have any of you applied for holiday helper? I just put in an application. Every little bit helps and I know that helping others makes a lot of peoples Christmases that much brighter. I'm 2 days into the application so hopefully there aren't already 50 families signed up. We shall see!
sounds like spam!!!!!!   My family just moved out of the RV and into a rental house. That's why I've been MIA. The rent is $1850 a month and I have to pay for all utilities. I got cable internet that was supposed to be $40 a month. A few days in they send me a bill for only 23 days not 30 and the bill is $105!!!!! I was wondering if any of you ladies have a suggestion for cheaper internet. It needs to be fast enough to stream video because we use netflix on the roku...
keep it up orange, they are not called baby steps for nothing! Good job!
Orange, my back is doing ok, I'm back at work. Thanks for asking.   I second lilac about using the extra money to stock up on sale items.
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