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To make a little wiggle room I guess?? Things are going to be really tight if we take on this mortgage. Also my transmission is going out again and I may be paying for a car I can't even drive. Last time it went out it cost me $4000 to get it repaired. This is why we should never finance a car. I wish I was smarter earlier on in my adulthood. I would like to buy a car with a little cash and then work towards getting this car sold, but with the transmission chirping it's...
I'm starting to think about refinancing my car before I get into a mortgage payment. My payment is $336 a month. If I could get it down to $150 I think it would make a difference in my finances. Does this sound petty? I know it will just prolong the time it takes to pay it off.   Nice to see some familiar faces 
I've heard other people say the same. I have a friend who was actually able to get her medical mj card because she suffered the same and it helps her eat. I unfortunately have the opposite problem. I eat when I feel just about any emotion. I was neglected as a child and spent many years wondering where I would find my next meal.
So smoking helps you eat less????
oh wow mum, complete previa! Do the doctors think that there is a chance of the placenta moving up as baby grows? That happens sometimes.   Also wanted to add that the book mentioned by tanyam "It's So Amazing" is in the same series of books as "It's Not The Stork" the book that I recommended. Hers is for school aged and mine is for toddlers.
welcome polyanna and meaghan!
Just found out my pastor spanks his son. Made me a bit uneasy. I'm moving to another city if we buy this house and that means finding a new church. I'm wondering if a church that believes in more gentle parenting exists????    Please pray for me with the house buying process. Money is going to be really tight if we take the house, at least for the first year and we aren't great at budgeting. I need to get off disability and back to work. Disability is hardly paying...
we live in a small space too! a 30ft RV class A. I've guessed that it's probably 210 sq ft. There is a place that sells tiny houses not far from here.
I really want to buy the house. DH isn't sure we should. The mortgage is $2036 per month. Our debt is about $650 per month minimum payments. $200 ins $90 phone plus maybe $300 for utilities. After tax we bring home about $4800. This would leave about $1400 to live on. DH says the numbers don't add up for him....too close for comfort. He said he'll sign if it's what I really want. I think we should try and if it doesn't work out we should get a room mate until we can refi...
It's not a christian book but when my kids have come of age to start learning about such things we read "IT's Not The Stork" 
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