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Just read about a hospital in Mass that is adopting a more family friendly c/s. Clear drapes and deliberate placing of wires to allow for immediate bonding and breastfeeding right away. Sounds like the medical world is finally recognizing just how damaging c/s are mentally to women and how they effect the way we raise our babies.
We seem to have similar stories Avereemorgan12   I don't believe for one minute that your pelvis isn't big enough to have a baby vaginally. Doctors say this crap to scare women and to justify their actions. I have seen very tiny women birth 10 plus pound babies. I would totally go for a VBAC next time. Also don't step foot into a hospital until your in transition. That's what worked for me for both of my VBAC's.   I'm sorry you're hurting, I can so relate.
I could see that. Nice to have another bay area mama here!
My aunt was supposed to be there but she broke up with her boyfriend the night before and he left her in Lexington. Sounds like a God thing to me. I'm praying for all those families with injured loved ones.
Yeah still waiting on a house living at the moose. Moose Intl is a great way to avoid overpriced park fees. I had the verizon jetpack for a long time then the guy that runs the place here told me that everyone just uses their WIFI. Saves me $50 a month and I can stream videos now. With verizon it used up all my air time if I streamed video. With no cable TV we really need to stream video simply out of bordom. I'm thinking about unschooling. We've been doing independent...
Pookie where do you live? I live in Petaluma but spend a lot of time in Marin county
welcome raerae   I'm not a smoker but I live in northern california so most friends and family are. the club here is throwing a huge 420 party with freebies. I was thinking about going to check it out. A friend is having knee surgery today.
Naz I was talking about in my town, not on the internet. and I do consider MDC  moms friends 
Wow that's great news baileyb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
welcome to MDC. how are your plans coming along?
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