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I'm probably going to sell mine soon. I was thinking to ask $8500 for it. 1993 Thor pinnacle. 30ft class A. has 36 or 46 thousand miles on it. I forget
welcome    this group hasn't been real active lately but I sure could use the community.   I'm glad you're here.
I feel like an invisible poster in real life lately. I need some friends. Seems like most of the AP moms in my area are snobby and judgemental.
Not sure if any of you have read The Purpose Driven Life but I heard the author lost his son to suicide last week. He's in my prayers.
I've been at Trader Joes for seven years and homeschool my kids. A lot of days I'll work 5am-10am and be home mid morning with the whole day ahead of us. I really like my job and it's really mom friendly. I'm glad your DH got his dream job. Sounds cool!!!!!!!
on HULU DR goes to a college on one of the episodes of his show. He talks to students about living in the dorms vs off campus. Not eating out and working part time to pay as much of your tuition as you can. Plus grants
OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!! Baby Time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn't be more happy for you Lilac
you only  need 20 hours a week at trader joes and its flexible with scheduling. they also contribute to a 401k without any matching from you required. oh and they give raises every six months. Did you end up at starbucks? how is you DH doing with his business
welcome to MDC wyld   I wish this group was more active, any fulltimers feelin chatty?????????????
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