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Thank you for your responses! I am currently looking into a montessori preschool.  
Hi! I believe that my 28 month old may be gifted- has known all colors and shapes since 15 months, letters since 18 months, amazing memory (memorized songs after hearing them a couple of times) and can count (choppily) to 20 and does 48 piece puzzles by himself. We are thinking about what to do about school for him. I want to home school, and my husband does not.Is my son going to have issues when he gets to pre school or first grade? Will he even out, maybe, by then? He...
Thank you all for kind words! I tried everything I could think of today, and nothing so far. It could be a while before his shoulder heals, but he is dealig with it better now. I feel like I just need a day to myself and walk and connect with the baby. It's always hard knowing what is keeping them in there!
That's exactly where I am at! I am planning on only calling once I can't talk through the contractions. Although that will make the actual call difficult! We are only 40 min away though... I would call just to give them a heads up if we were further. I hope you have had or in the process of having your baby by now!  
Thanks! I actually do have low blood pressure, and hemorrhaged with my last birth. I definitely wont be using it :)  
Today I am officially 40 weeks, and for most of that day I had been having painful contractions about 5 min apart. I thought for sure I would go into full labor tonight... My 2 year old has an injured shoulder, and only wants me for night time. He had a really hard time falling asleep, and by the time he did fall asleep, contractions pretty much stopped. Husband was supposed to help give an acupressure massage to help things move, but he took my frustration personally...
I'm thinking about starting it today, 40 weeks. What is the down side?
Ive been having off and on pre labor for over a week now, all night last night and all day today... I'm hopig something significant happens tonight! I haven't lost Plug or any blood... Just lots of contractions and crampiness. Something must be happenin right?? Every night I am sure that I will wake up in labor, but it hasn't happened yet, obviously. I'm thinking it might hold out for the new moon? It seems so impossible to wait that Long- even though it's less than a week...
I have been having tOns of prelabor and false alarms as well! It's a little frustrating not knowing if this is the day, or is there are weeks left... I just keep telling myself that any pain I have now means that things are progressing, and that hopefully my actual labor will be much easier. Epsom salt baths and lots of rest has helped, although this can be hard with a 2 year old as well!
Im 38 weeks pregnant, and I have been having such bad Charlie horses in my hips that I can hardly walk at night. It seems to coincide with bh and low baby movement. Does anyone k ow how to help this?? Thanks!
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