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I've been having having lots of lower back pain today, which intensifies with contractions. Before I was pregnant I was able to crack my back for relief- now I can't stretch enough to do it...so frustrating! Bending over has helped...that's pretty much the only thing I've found
I haven't really been having any mucus at all, so I am very anious to see my plug go down the drain. I'm 38 weeks and I figured I would have an abundance of mucus, but as of about 6 weeks ago it has just been disipating...I have had lots of cervical cramps though. Anyone else had that happen?
Not sure what prodomal labor means- this is my first time! Baby dropped 4 days ago at 37 weeks and have been having serious BH since. LOTS of cramping. I'm actually up at 3:30am b/c cramping and backache...and hunger Haven't lost my mucus plug yet and don't have much mucus at all, but I just started taking some evening primrose. Let's get this party started!
Hi! I was wondering was people are choosing for music during labor. Any suggestions??
Haha same thing happened to me today! My first thought was " I feel like I have to poop out of my vagina"...but I guess I just had to poop...along with some bh
Everytime I begin to fall asleep I wake up gasping....this can go on for hours it seems...
i'm 18 weeks and started feeling kicks about a week ago. some days i feel more than others. I think it depends on how much I'm paying attention. I feel it mostly mid to low left
manderins (seedless), grapefruit juice, red meat of any kind- especially meatballs and sauce. Potatoes
Thanks! those are some good suggestions '
Hi I'm 25 and this is my second pregnancy- the first was a miscarriage this past summer. Everything seems to be going smoother this time, which is great! Just can't wait to hear the heartbeat which will be affirmation for me. Also can't wait for a home birth in the heat of early August! Seriously, I love the heat
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