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A bucket and plunger works great, especially if you have a wringer atttached (think industrial mop bucket on wheels) The secret is to only use a small amount of soap, a few drops of dish soap does wonders.
We hang school bags from my kids bedposts as soon as thier lunch pails are cleaned out. In the morning we grab them and they stay in the kitchen floor until it is time to leave.
Quote: Originally Posted by Gracefulmom This is just a guess, because I've never tried it... I think the wool would felt, leaving 'bumps' of the acrylic. I've seen patterns that call for a feltable yarn and a non-feltable yarn as an artistic effect. So maybe you could find a pattern for felted slipper socks and just add the acrylic to that. How adventurous are you feeling? not very lol. I hardly ever finish a project, I normally knit...
I am trying to use up skiens of yarn and my next project is a pair of slipper socks using two strands of worsted. Could I use 1 strand wool and one strand acrylic to make them more washable? The wool is briggs and little.
We have heated with wood for 8 years, supplementing with our oil furnace only in emergencies. We have spent less than $300 in oil in the last 8 years. Dh buys firewood logs from sawmills (the branches that are two small to be sawn into lumber) and has them delivered to our property. One load is enough to heat our house for 5 years, so dh sells 1/2. This way, we get our wood practically for free. The money he gets from selling the wood pays for the firewood logs. We...
I had a gay uncle back in the 80's. He was closeted and had a wife and child and eventually died of AIDS. Luckily his wife somehow did not catch the virus, although she did get hep C from him and she still suffers from it. I hope that with the way our culture is going people will not have to have a second secret life, and people like my aunt will not have to suffer because of it.
I used to sleep nude. A few years ago a there was a fire down the street and the woman refused to jump out the window, many people said it was because she was nude, and too embarrassed because there was 50 people in front of her house. She never made it out and left her two kids motherless. Now I wear at least a t shirt.
Quote: Originally Posted by moondiapers I don't wear the crotch of my pants up in my girly bits. Wouldn't that cause camel toe?
Quote: Originally Posted by GooeyRN I would LOVE to see that. That would crack me up. Why would people do that, though? Are they teens being silly or something? I have no idea why. They are about 50 and like to have lots of parties. The neighbours three doors down from them have a hood sign that says "da hoodlums"
Quote: Originally Posted by mommyswenn Please do not block the neighbours' driveways. : That is all. Sorry. Sometimes the lure of all that loot makes people lose their common sense. I have to admit I have blocked a few driveways in my time.
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