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Our grill is about five feet from the house. If I wanted it to be ten feet away it would be on the lawn! I don't have it on a wood porch but wouldn't have a problem with it, we had our grill on our wood porch when I was a kid.
My daughter is 10.5 and hasn't started to develop at all yet, so I can't answer your question directly, but I am one of three sisters. The three if us have completely different shape and sized breasts. I most closely resemble my mother's in size (I am EE, and she was probably a DD at my age and weight) but the shape is not really the same. My next sister is smaller at a B cup, and the other is a C. So while there is a chance your daughter will have the same experience as...
We haven't had a television since well before my daughter was born. She is 10.5 now. It has never been a problem. She and her friends have plenty of things to talk about. We do have a DVD player and we occasionally watch shows, but it is stuff like Star Trek and Doctor Who. If she talks about any shows it is Doctor Who, which most of her friends have never seen anyway.
Lady: "Look at the baby, she is so nice and chunky! She must be a GOOD eater!" Me: "Oh, she's only five months and she hasn't started solids yet. But yes, she sure does breastfeed a lot!" Lady: "You mean she doesn't gat any food or formula bottles?" Me: "None." Lady: "Well, that's why she's so chunky! She's so hungry! You need to start feeding her food right now or she's going to starve." Me: ????????
Becoming a parent does not mean that an obliteration of yourself is necessary. You can be a responsible parent and do so many of the things that are important to you. There is no need to feel guilty that you let yourself have a good time while acting responsibly. It is important to be a good role model for our children. Decide what is important to you to present to them, and then figure out how you can have what is important to you. There is a big difference between...
Keep in mind that post (and this thread) is ten years old.
I see you haven't replied yet... Dare I ask how it went?
My first question was also going to be when you too,k your last thyroid dose before your blood work. I am always instructed not to take any thyroid medication within 24 hours of my blood draw. If you do take it beforehand and you take a natural thyroid medication (as I do) I believe it is possible to have a false high free T-3 reading.
My ten year old daughter needs a lot of reading practice to improve her fluency. She enjoys reading but has always found it to be really challenging. Her interests are far beyond her abilities at this point, so finding her good reading material has been hard. While her friends are all reading the Hobbit, Series of Unfortunate Events. the 5th Harry Potter, and other 300 page books she is finding it hard to get through a 100 page book. We've been reading aloud fun stuff...
We had an Ergo Baby Carrier and a Deuter baby backpack. They both had their pros and cons. I preferred the Ergo. It was lightweight, I always felt stable, and my little one was very comfortable in it. I took my kiddo on hikes in this for many years. Once she got bigger I used it only when she got too tired to walk. The negatives were that there was not a place to stash gear. My husband preferred the framed kid carrier. He sweats more than I do and the back ventilation...
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