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I do vaccinate my dog. She occasionally stays at a wonderful kennel on a sheep farm and current vaccines are required.
How often do you change your furnace filters? We change ours at least twice a year. A clogged filter can impair efficiency. Or your furnace may been in need of servicing.
It sounds to me like your current co-sleeping situation simply is not safe. If your room is too cold and you unconciously cover yourself and your baby with the blankets then invest in a space heater and keep those blankets folded down. Make sure you and the baby are well bundled in very warm clothing. If that is not an option, commit to staying away thorough all of the nursing sessions and put your little one back into the co-sleeper.
Does anyone else have Hashimoto's thyroiditis? I have recently been diagnosed and would like to talk with others that have been going through it. Here is where I am... My doctor decided to have my thyroid tested ten months ago after I complained of constant fatigue that wasn't helped by getting sleep. I had been feeling poorly for quite some time (years?) but it crept up on me so steadily that it almost became a regular part of my life. When we tested 10 months ago we...
I think my little one was about six months old before the back carry in the Ergo was really comfortable for her.
Where is your air intake for your furnace? If it is anywhere near the room with the wood stove you may be able to simply run the fans to circulate the warm air throughout the house without using the heat. Do you have a gas line to your house? If so, is converting to a gas furnace a possibility? I live in the same region as you, and while my house is smaller we seldom have a combined electric/gas bill over $250, and that is with an electric hot tub. Based on our summer...
How long has it been since you put your garden together? Could it be that the compost and manure have not had a chance to "ripen?" Unfinished compost can kill your plants if it is still too hot. I got my garden soil mix form a local company. I put it in the raised beds last August. Everything rested over the winter (except the garlic bed), and I planted in the spring. Later when I went to a local organic gardening center the owner asked how my garden was doing. When I...
I joined in 2004.
I didn't want to need and not reply. I am so sorry that your husband is not able to reach out to you in your grieving. (((Hugs)))
Yaaaay! It's like April Fools in September!
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