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I really like Outlander, by Diana Gabeldon. I suppose I would classify it as historical fiction with a fantasy twist. It's a great book; really interesting characters, a wonderful story, and lots of the steamy stuff, too.
I admire your courage and the lengths you have gone to in order to protect your family. I am so sorry for your loss.
If you are growing in a pretty fertile area and are growing mainly plants that are native or acclimated to your area you might have good sucess with "hands off" gardening. In my case it never would have worked. "Nature" did not provide me with a garden area: my yard has had 50+ years of cruddy, sandy soil used only to grow a lawn, maybe fertilized with chemical fertilizer by some owners of the property over the years, in a region with tons of rainfall that had washed...
Ah, you know what they say... There is always one crazy person on the bus, and if you don't notice one it might be you! in this case, it sounds like it was the anti-baby-wearing-police-lady. Seriously though, I have encountered many strange people on the bus in my several decades of bus commuting. One man engaged my husband in conversation swearing that he was a shape shifter. I also met one guy who told us all about his girlfriend stabbing him in the neck when waiting...
I found traveling to be quite easy with a breastfeeding baby. We did many plane, train, and car trips the first few years of my daughter's life. It was incredibly convenient; the only thing I needed to feed my baby was me. Breastfeedinging on the plane helped equalize her ears and kept her from being too bored. I never needed to worry about washing and sterilizing bottles at hotels, airports, and on trains.
I still use an adding maching when I do the banking at work. I need to be ale to print out receipt tapes, and it wastes much less paper than doing it in Excel. But using Excel is an interesting idea. I may have to give that a try sometime.
I know... The main reason (besides pesticide reduction) that I like using it is because I love playing with a minnie flame thrower.
Maybe try a weed torch. Here is an example of one: http://www.amazon.com/Red-Dragon-VT-2-23-000-BTU/dp/B00004Z2FP/ref=zg_bs_3480723011_1 You hook up a propane tank and burn the weeds. Easy, very effective on a driveway, and no pesticides!
Sending lots of thoughts and hopes for good news... (((Hugs)))
New Posts  All Forums: