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My daughter didn't lose the tongue thrust reflex until she was 10.5 months old, and started eating solids around 11 months old. I was really concerned, but she breasted like a champ, stayed on track for growth, and my mom said I was the exact same way as an infant. Nice she actually started solid foods she was on her way and ate just about anything.
Mychelle Skincare products- almost new. Each of these have only been used twice ( the cleanser 4x), and they just didn't work for my skin type. Almost full bottles! Fruit Enzyme Cleanser: http://www.amazon.com/MyChelle-Fruit-Enzyme-Cleanser-Liquid/dp/B000BD0SE4/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1358819793&sr=8-4&keywords=mychelle+fruit+enzyme+cleanser Fruit Enzyme Scrub:...
How about smoothies? Do you have a blender? Full fat yogurt. ( or nonfat if your tummy can't take the regular stuff), bananas, frozen fruit, juice... You can get a lot of good calories in a smoothie, and it should go down easier and not get sticking your throat.
There needs to be several options between "I never drink" and "1-3 drinks a day." Maybe a once a month, a couple times a week, or a once a week option... I enjoy a drink of wine or beer now and again, but certainly not every day.
Also, you may want to consider looking for farmed oysters instead of wild. I know most of us are used to equating "wild" with good and "farmed" with bad as far as seafood goes. With oysters this does not apply. In fact, the Seafood Watch rates farmed oysters as "green" and wild as "yellow" in their ratings. Almost all oysters sold are farmed. When harvesting wild oysters on a commercial scale they have to dredge the sea floor which causes its own set of issues. Farmed...
What area are you in? I think it depends on where you live. Here in the Puget Sound area of Washingon I can get oysters at the farmers market, the marina, from the seafood market, grocery stores, and directly from certain growers. When I lived in the San Diego area they were much less easy to come by, but I could still get them in sea food markets and upscale grocery stores with large seafood departments.
I think for most indoor gardening you need a light set up. I know you can do micro or baby greens in a sunny window or in a sunroom, but I think most of the vegetables are going to require stronger light, especially in the winter with shorter days.
Ha! Right you are. I'd forgotten about both those, and I had the same thoughts about them. Those were two of the silliest battle scenes for sure. I remember seeing Legolas' skateboard thing for the first time and thinking "REALLY?"
Smokering, I am 100% with you. In fact I'm not even going to bother writing about it because it would just be one long repeat. One "con" addition I have is is that the battle scenes were too much like a video game. In LOTR the battle scenes had a realistic feel even when the amazing happened. In this movie there were way too many impossible scenes: several falls that should have been fatal, that nutty rock giant scene (in the book the giants just threw big rocks), etc. it...
I don't have any experience, but I didn't want to read and not post. What a terrible thing that the system failed you in such a horrific way. It makes me sick that all these adults knew what was going on and kept telling you the couldn't do anything. And now they try to justify their behavior...
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