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I agree with you: teaching my child to roll over and give in to a louder, more dynamic, more socially manipulative kid is not a lesson I want to teach. And my friends didn't want to have that happen either. My friend has had to work long and hard at this. Youngest daughter would also set up her older siblings to get in trouble in various other ways. It was amazing how clever this kiddo was at such an early age. She would manipulate situations so well. Example: if youngest...
This works wonderfully for a friend of mine. For a different friend... not so much. Her youngest daughter decided at age 5 that if she didn't get to play with a toy she wanted then NO ONE would. She would intentionally put up a loud fuss so that her mom would confiscate the toy her brother was playing nicely with. It was truly unfair to the older brother, as he either had the choice to give in and give the toy up or have it taken away by mom anyway. Luckily one of the...
We used to keep our mattress on the floor until the bed grew mold all over the bottom. We figured it was just an issue where we lived so we tried it again in another house. More mold. And now that I think about it, I had a futon on the floor of my apartment at college, and that gold moldy, too! We now have a platform bed frame and I will sadly never go back to having a mattress on the floor. I miss it, actually.
I have a spectacular dog with one annoying problem. She has fear aggression toward other dogs. My dog is 2.5 years old. We adopted her from a rescue at nine weeks of age. After a week or two at home we noticed that she had very fearful tendencies and I I did my very best to socialize her to children, babies, and adults. We did huge amounts of positive reinforcement, lots of people with treats, took her to school so that she could get used to crowds of children, had people...
That sounds horrible! I'm sorry you had such a stressful experience.
My 18 year old self would be so surprised and happy with my increased confidence and sense of self worth. She would be excited that I learned to dance and totally rock at it! She would be amazed at the child I raised, and would wish that all the kids she babysat over the years were that awesome. She would think i was pretty brave for considering a home birth, but after thinking about it would dive into the idea head first. She would take one look at my garden and start...
Ditto on the "no." 99% of people will pronounce his name incorrectly if reading it, and it wil probably get old really fast having to explain to people that his name is not "Cooch-you-lane." And the whole "coo-coo" nickname is just way too obivious.
Stay safe, mamas.
I had a girl, but it says she should have been a boy.
to all of my "out" (and any still "in") family and friends. I love you!
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