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I would like to wait until I hear a heart beat before I share our news with anyone other than family. My parents and siblings already know but other than that we haven't told anyone. I don't think there is anything wrong with announcing it though. It is really nice to have the support if god forbid something were to happen. As for symptoms I have already started feeling nauseous and I've had some diarrhea. Which is awful. Maybe it's just a stomach bug?
Hey everyone and congrats on your BFP's! Really excited to be here. I am due Dec 6th so I am just over 4 weeks. Trying not to be too nervous because my last two pregnancies ended in loss. I'm hoping this one sticks. I am feeling really good about it so far and not worrying too much. Can't wait to get to know all of you ladies. I also really enjoyed my ddc when I was pregnant with my son back in 2011. I actually still talk to those ladies daily on facebook so I am looking...
I'm actually in Kokomo and I don't believe Lynda travels here. I have been seeing penny lane and I absolutely love her. I just thought I would maybe check her out to see all my options. But I honestly don't think I would see anyone but penny.
She is actually a little bit cheaper than the midwife I had intended on using. I wasn't aware there was another CNM in my area. I really love the midwife that I have been seen by in the past but I thought it wouldn't hurt to meet with Victoria to see if I like her. I just don't know anyone who has used her and can't find any feedback on her.
I am looking for some feedback on this midwife. I actually was not aware there was a CNM home birth practice in Carmel until recently. I am in the Kokomo area and there is only one other CNM who serves my area. I am hoping to be expecting soon and we definitely are wanting to go the home birth route this time. I would just like any info you guys would be willing to share on her. I am planning on meeting with her soon so I can see how I feel about her but I always love to...
Thank you! I started bleeding this afternoon. I was really hoping this one would stick.
I took a digital this morning and it said not pregnant. I took a regular test and didnt see a line. I had felt like my frer lines weren't really getting darker. It's looking like a chemical. I hope you all have a happy healthy 9 months!
I am still having waves of nausea, mainly in the evening. My spotting has stopped which is awesome. I didn't have implantation bleeding with my last two pregnancies so it was freaking me out. I'm glad it's over and praying it doesn't return. Not a pregnancy symptom but ugh I am getting a cold.. I am praying it doesn't turn into a sinus infection. Pregnant women should not be allowed to get sick!
I am so sorry for your losses! Please be gentle with yourself. Sending tons of hugs your way!
I always have diarrhea in the beginning of my pregnancys. It's usually one of my first symptoms. Verdahekawi I am sending sticky vibes your way! Have you thought about getting a blood draw to see where your levels are? Maybe that would put your mind more at ease.
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